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The Top 10 Cruelty-Free Brands You Need to Know

The Top 10 Cruelty-Free Brands You Need to Know

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In a world where our choices as consumers can shape industries, it's normal to care about the impact of our decisions. This is true especially when it comes to the things we use every day. Many of us worry about supporting brands that hurt animals or worry that our actions might make animals suffer. 

Thankfully, in the world of cruelty-free beauty, there are lots of great options! Let's learn about the top 10 cruelty-free brands that are changing how we take care of ourselves and the world around us. By supporting these brands, we can show big companies that the practice of testing products on animals needs to end.

1. Activist Skincare  


Activist Skincare is a boutique cruelty-free skincare brand located in Southern California. They create high-quality skincare products formulated with natural ingredients designed to nourish and heal your skin. Whether it be their Botanical Cleansing Oil, Vitamin C Serum, or their Precious Oils Active Infusion Serum, Activist Skincare’s products are sustainably sourced. 

The brand maintains a commitment to small-batch, handcrafted production to ensure quality and customer satisfaction. Plus, their skincare products are made in reusable and recyclable packaging. Check out their vegan and cruelty-free elixirs packed with potent active ingredients.

2. All Good 


All Good is a sunscreen brand that champions both your body's well-being and the health of the environment. Their focus on sourcing organic ingredients and avoiding harmful substances like chemical pesticides and fertilizers sets them apart from other sunscreen brands. The brand’s products, ranging from SPF lip balm to anti-aging SPF cream, meet rigorous organic standards and are manufactured in a solar-powered facility in Morro Bay, California. 

All Good also engages in wildland farming for specific plant-based ingredients used in their sunscreens, promoting natural habitats and biodiversity. Their commitment to animal welfare is proven by certifications from Leaping Bunny and PETA, highlighting their cruelty-free approach. All Good is a Certified B Corp, as well!

3. Davids Natural Toothpaste 


Davids is an oral hygiene and toothpaste company that offers cruelty-free toothpaste products you can feel good about. Their oral care products provide minty-fresh goodness for your teeth while upholding principles of sustainability and quality. The company offers a wide range of toothpaste flavors and types, as well as toothbrushes and tongue scrapers. 

Committed to using premium ingredients from the United States, Davids prioritizes quality. Their "natural" definition involves sourcing nature-derived ingredients without artificial additives, flavors, or colors, all while maintaining their vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally responsible stance. Holding the Leaping Bunny certification, Davids ensures that cruelty-free choices are at the heart of their brand.

4. Earth Harbor 


Earth Harbor is a skincare brand that uses oceanic botanicals to create cruelty-free products that pamper your skin while conserving marine ecosystems. Their commitment to ethical principles, such as cruelty-free living, sets them apart. The brand offers a fully vegan product line of cleansers, moisturizers, and serums, ensuring no animal-derived ingredients are used. 

Committed to cruelty-free practices, Earth Harbor's products undergo no testing on animals, appealing to conscious consumers who prioritize animal welfare and seek brands that align with their values. Plus, their skincare products are top-notch in quality and effectiveness. It’s a win-win!

5. Elate Cosmetics 


Elate Cosmetics creates makeup products that are great for your skin and for the environment – plus they’re cruelty-free, so there’s no animal testing involved. The brand sells Canadian-made products that are cruelty-free, vegan, and certified by Leaping Bunny and PETA. If you’re looking to refresh your makeup bag, Elate Cosmetics has you covered, with everything from primer to eyeshadow to their highly-rated mascara.

The brand emphasizes fair trade ingredients, underlining its dedication to responsible sourcing. As a certified B Corp, they hold themselves to high standards of social and environmental responsibility. Elate Cosmetics is shaking up the cruelty-free makeup game!

6. Plaine Products


Plaine Products is a cruelty-free personal care brand that focuses on circularity to reduce plastic waste. Famous for their hair, skin, and body products, their mission is to completely eliminate plastic bottles from bathrooms by using recyclable aluminum as a substitute. Plaine Products uses a bottle return process for cleaning and reusing the containers of their products, maintaining a chemical-free and vegan product range. 

Plaine Products' dedication echoes through their numerous certifications, such as being a Certified Women-Owned Business, a member of 1% for the Planet, a Certified B Corporation, and earning Carbon Neutral, PETA, and Leaping Bunny Certifications. Explore their refillable shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and hair repair options packaged in aluminum bottles.

7. Seed Phytonutrients


Seed Phytonutrients is a hair, face, and body care brand driven by the belief that true beauty stems from within. Beyond cruelty-free beauty, they’re committed to seed diversity, local American organic farmers, and environmental sustainability. Their focus as a brand is on creating sustainable and healthy product formulas.

The best-rated Seed's shampoo and conditioner sets are formulated with coconut, sunflower, camelina seed oils, and shea butter for healthy hair. Explore their product range for ethical and eco-friendly self-care personal hygiene products.

8. HiBAR


HiBAR is a cruelty-free hair care brand creating solid shampoo and conditioner bars that defy traditional norms. HiBAR's cruelty-free shampoo and conditioner products are sold without any plastic bottle – meaning you just need water to activate them! With a mission to counter the waste created by plastic personal care product bottles, HiBAR aims to spark a movement against plastic consumption. 

Their ingredient selection process prioritizes safety, sustainability, and quality while avoiding harmful additives like soaps, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, and parabens. Holding the Leaping Bunny Cruelty-free Certificate, HiBAR's dedication to cruelty-free practices shines through, ensuring that no animals are subjected to testing during product development. Next time you need a shampoo shake-up, remember HiBAR!

9. Raw Elements


Raw Elements represents the balance between safeguarding your skin and marine life when it comes to sun protection. Traditional sunscreens tend to have toxic ingredients that harm the health of coral reefs. Raw Elements’ reef-safe sunscreens reflect a commitment to cruelty-free solutions, allowing you to enjoy the sun while respecting the delicate balance of our oceans. 

Raw Elements prioritizes safety and effectiveness, from sourcing natural ingredients to sustainable packaging. They also focus on gentle yet potent ingredients. Certifications such as Natural Products Association, NonGMO Project Verified, and Leaping Bunny underscore their commitment to cruelty-free practices. With so many excellent options for reef-safe and non-toxic SPF products, there’s no excuse!

10. Bestowed Essentials 


Bestowed Essentials champions cruelty-free products for your home and for your body. From bath salts to toothpaste to various natural scented soaps, Bestowed Essentials make an impact by following strict ingredient standards. Their products use natural elements and reject harmful, artificial additives. 

We recommend trying out their popular zero-waste solid dish soap, which is free of bleach and other harsh chemicals! Bestowed Essentials also supports sustainability by sourcing responsibly and holding certification for both vegan and cruelty-free products.

Discover Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands with Green Eco Dream

If you’re interested in becoming a more conscious consumer, remember that every purchase is a vote for positive change. Supporting cruelty-free brands reduces the amount of animal abuse and animal testing in our world.

To learn more about these cruelty-free brands and their products, check out our website. You can discover the power of clean beauty while also supporting brands that share your aspirations for a more compassionate and sustainable world!

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