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    Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral




Davids was founded with one vision — to create the highest quality premium natural toothpaste with a commitment to sustainability.


Passionate about his oral care and what goes into his toothpaste, David's founder Eric David Buss, started researching about what actually goes in it. What he found out was that his everyday toothpaste was full of chemicals with some of them being even unhealthy.

David tried looking for better alternatives and after failing to find one that would meet what he was looking for, Eric decided to make his own natural toothpaste. It was in the period between 2011 and 2015 when he obsessively looked to develop the best natural toothpaste possible.

Finally, in 2015, Davids was born! Through exhaustive research with industry experts, They were able to identify the best natural ingredients to safely and effectively fight to remove plaque, whiten teeth, and freshen breath. 

Today, Davids lays on the foundations of sustainability of nature, the sustainability of American jobs, and the sustainability of your health.


Davids goes above and beyond when it comes to sustainability while ensuring their products are the highest quality to fight to remove plaque, whiten teeth, and freshen breath. The company is committed to using premium USA Origin ingredients for the highest quality possible and to support American jobs.

Since the FDA does not have a clear definition of “natural” Davids made their own which consists of: ingredients sourced and derived from nature that are free of artificial flavors, preservatives, colors, and artificial sweeteners, are vegan, cruelty-free and use sustainable packaging.

As mentioned, Davids is committed to using only safe ingredients for your personal and oral health and so they choose not to use Fluoride and the reason behind it is that if consumed in larger amounts it can cause different health issues.

All of their products are Leaping bunny certified.

As far as the packaging goes, Davids does not cut corners but gives extra attention to it! Their toothpaste is packaged in aluminum tubes which is endlessly recyclable. In addition to that, they use a food grade non-BPA liner so there is no paste to metal contact. Their paperboard packaging is FSC certified.

When put in words, this is what a true natural toothpaste looks like!