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5 Best Natural Personal Care Brands for the Health-Conscious

5 Best Natural Personal Care Brands for the Health-Conscious

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It’s time to upgrade those drugstore products made by major brands that don’t care too much about the health of you and your body. Thanks to innovative heroes, there are tons of options on the market today for personal care products that are non-toxic, all-natural, and good for the environment, too! 

Why Support All-Natural, Non-toxic Brands? 

Unfortunately, the government does little to protect us from potentially harmful ingredients and substances that are often snuck into common household products. By supporting brands that make an effort to avoid these chemicals, we are supporting a holistic revolution! Many small, sustainable businesses have taken extra care to only include all-natural, non-toxic ingredients that are ethically sourced. Supporting these brands is like voting with your dollar. 

Benefits of Using Natural Personal Care Products

Healthier for You

Traditional personal care products often contain chemicals that can be absorbed through your skin. Natural products use plant-based ingredients that are not only gentler but also less likely to cause skin irritations or allergies. This makes them a safer choice for long-term use.


Natural brands prioritize sustainable practices, reducing their environmental impact. By choosing these products, you contribute to less pollution and waste, benefiting the planet. Additionally, sustainable sourcing often supports local communities and farmers.


Many natural brands commit to full ingredient transparency. This allows you to make informed choices, knowing exactly what you're putting on your body. Transparency builds trust, ensuring you can use the products with confidence.

Less Animal Cruelty

Most natural brands are cruelty-free and don't test on animals. Some even offer vegan options, ensuring that no animals were harmed in the making of the product. This aligns with ethical considerations and promotes humane practices in the industry!

Say Goodbye to Endless Search

For the health-conscious and environmentally aware, the search for natural personal care products can be a daunting task. But fret not! We've done the legwork for you and curated a list of the 5 Best Natural Personal Care Brands that are committed to clean living, sustainability, and most importantly, your well-being. These brands offer a range of products, from face creams and aftershaves to shampoos and deodorants, all formulated with natural ingredients and a commitment to reducing waste. So let's dive into this!

1. Lovett Sundries

Lovett Sundries

Lovett Sundries takes the phrase "less is more" to heart. What more could you want than zero-waste products handcrafted for clean living

Their minimalist approach to personal care products is reflected in their simple yet effective formulas. From face cream to aftershave tonic, Lovett Sundries' offerings are free from synthetic fragrances and harmful chemicals. Plus, they're committed to reducing plastic waste, making them a top choice for the eco-conscious consumer. They even make non-toxic cleaning products to keep harsh chemicals out of your cleaning process!

2. Long WKND by Pela

Long WKND Deodorant 

Long WKND by Pela is all about sustainable personal care. They offer plastic-free shampoo, conditioner, and deodorant products. These solid products are formulated with natural ingredients designed to meet your hair needs, whatever they may be. You can decide between several options:

  • Balance (For Normal or Dry Hair; Fresh Citrus & Eucalyptus Scent)
  • Restore (For Dry, Thick or Curly Hair; Rosemary & Ylang-ylang)
  • Soothe (For Fine or Oily Hair; Peppermint & Geranium)

Pela's commitment to reducing plastic waste is truly commendable, making them a fantastic choice for those looking to minimize their environmental footprint. Their chemical-free, plant-based ingredients are an added bonus!

3. Little Seed Farm

Little Seed Farm

Little Seed Farm combines a passion for natural ingredients with a commitment to organic farming. Their skincare and personal care range is handmade in small batches and cruelty-free. A family-owned company, Little Seed Farm’s products are produced on a farm that generates 100% of its energy from solar panels. For example, they offer a Goat’s Milk Facial Moisturizer. Innovative, natural, & unique! 

If you're looking for skincare products that harness the power of plants, Little Seed Farm has you covered. Try their classic Botanical Butter, which is organic whipped shea butter and made with only four simple ingredients.

4. Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon believes in harnessing the power of plants to create effective personal care products. They create really unique products, like an anti-itch cream and farewell funk foot powder. All of their products are carefully crafted from organic, ethically sourced ingredients. With a strong focus on herbalism, this brand delivers products that are as effective as they are eco-conscious. Plus, they’re focused on reducing waste with their packaging and sourcing locally, too!

5. Earth Harbor

Earth Harbor 

Earth Harbor is committed to the dual mission of skincare and environmental stewardship. Their range of skincare products is packed with potent marine-based ingredients, carefully sourced for sustainability. Founded by a toxicologist and herbalist, this brand is dedicated to only using ingredients that are truly healthy for your skin. By choosing Earth Harbor, you are kind to your skin and to the environment. 

Try Earth Harbor’s bestseller, their Mermaid Milk Nutrient Glow Moisturizer. It’s filled with superfood ingredients like spirulina and matcha, plus concentrated phytonutrients and antioxidants. It’s the perfect moisturizer to soothe and nurture skin with only natural ingredients. They also offer skincare gift sets with awesome value. 

Buying Healthy Personal Care Products

When it comes to purchasing healthy personal care products, remember to:

  • Always check the ingredient list to ensure there are no harmful chemicals.
  • Investigate a brand's commitment to sustainability, transparency, and ethical practices.
  • If possible, try out smaller sizes or samples before committing to full-sized products.
  • Spread the word! Encourage friends and family to make healthier and eco-conscious choices.

Making the switch to natural personal care products is a step in the right direction for your health and the environment. By supporting these top-notch brands, you're not only taking care of yourself but also contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly world. Here's to a healthier, more radiant you!

Shopping Health Conscious Brands at Green Eco Dream

Shopping for all these amazing natural personal care brands in one place at Green Eco Dream is not just convenient, it's also a win-win for you and the environment. With a wide selection of products, Green Eco Dream simplifies your shopping experience. We’ve eliminated the need for multiple orders and costly shipping fees from different websites. 

By supporting a small business like Green Eco Dream, you're contributing to a more sustainable and ethical retail landscape. Your purchase helps the growth of a business committed to offering wholesome, environmentally-friendly products while reducing your carbon footprint.

So, embrace the simplicity of one-stop shopping, save on shipping, and feel good knowing you're supporting a small, eco-conscious enterprise.

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