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Nourishing the Body and Soul

Fat and the Moon is about healing. Shop for self-care products that are crafted by hand with heart.


Natural body care business Fat and the Moon was established in 2014 by herbalist and artist Rachel Budde in Nevada City, California. The business has swiftly gained popularity among individuals looking for efficient and morally-sound body care products due to its emphasis on using simple, natural ingredients and avoiding dangerous chemicals.

Rachel has created her business to deliver natural, handcrafted, herbal body care products to customers looking for alternatives that are effective, natural, and non-toxic. She is carrying on a family tradition of herbalism. Budde concocts concoctions that are grounded in earth-centered principles. 

As a herbalist, Budde is deeply interested in the similarities and differences between human and plant bodies. According to her, the skin is the organ that represents the boundary between ourselves and the outside world. Our limits are the areas where we experience the most growth and change. The reason she decided to give birth to Fat and the Moon was so that she could offer purposefully crafted elixirs to sustain that fertile edge. 


Fat and the Moon's ethical and sustainable production methods impact society in several ways. They prioritize sustainability in their packaging and production methods, and they obtain many of their components from nearby farms and businesses. They help regional economies and lessen the carbon footprint of their goods by doing this. Furthermore, the business offers employment chances for others in their neighborhood and beyond, boosting local economies and giving jobs to people who might not otherwise be able to obtain employment.

By giving a portion of their income to different causes, Fat and the Moon also assists underprivileged communities. For instance, they have helped organizations like Transgender Legal Center, Black Lives Matter, and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe. By doing this, they support and strengthen groups of people that have historically been marginalized and subject to discrimination.

The most notable way that Fat and the Moon influences society is through its products. They aid individuals in feeling more assured and at ease in their own skin by offering natural, practical, and affordable body care products. Deodorant, moisturizers, face care, hair care, makeup, and other items are among their offerings. These items are all manufactured with natural components and don't contain any artificial scents, preservatives, or other potentially hazardous chemicals.

Fat and the Moon's commitment to moral and environmentally friendly business methods, involvement in the community, and individual empowerment through natural self-care products have a good impact on society. They contribute to promoting a more holistic and sustainable approach to self-care by developing products that are kind to the body and considerate of the environment. Also, their participation in neighborhood activities, education, and initiatives to support vulnerable people strengthens local communities and advances social justice. Fat and the Moon's influence on society will undoubtedly continue to be positive and significant as they develop and flourish.

Experience the magic of natural skincare with Fat and the Moon! Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and hello to nourishing, organic ingredients that will leave your skin glowing!