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Powered by the Sun, Inspired by the Earth

Here, sustainability is at the heart and soul of what they do - Let us tell you more about it...


After spending an excessive amount of time in the big city, co-founders Eileen & James Ray finally concluded that their true dreams were based on their origins. In 2012, the couple uprooted their lives and moved to a farm in the middle of rural Tennessee from New York City. Now, they are on a mission to supply our community with soap and skincare products that are ethical and environmentally responsible while also encouraging other small companies to embrace land stewardship and sustainable production practices. They strive to motivate others to achieve their dreams and embrace a more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Little Seed Farm is a skincare company that is committed to creating chemical-free, safe, and nourishing skincare. They are determined to make a difference in their local and global community by operating as a model and force for positive change. One way they achieve this is by using clean energy to produce their products and run the farm, having been 100% solar-powered since 2015.

Little Seed Farm values nature and uses it to guide their animal husbandry practices. They aim to provide their animals with a natural and humane environment. Furthermore, they have adopted practices that utilize the full cycle of nature and minimize waste. This includes using sustainable and recyclable packaging to reduce their environmental impact.

No baking soda was used to produce Little Seed Farm's products. This is because Eileen & James believe baking soda is the culprit behind the skin discoloration and itching rash many people experience after using it. It can happen right once or over time as you continue to use the product, which is one reason why many people give up on using natural deodorants. 


At Little Seed, the teams emphasize being environmentally conscious. It is the driving force behind everything they do, serving as a source of unending motivation and a compass point for our farm.  

The Products They only use the very best natural and organic ingredients, supporting environmentally conscious farming methods and ethical business practices worldwide. Solar panels are installed throughout the farm to generate the electricity required to run both the business and the farm, cutting down on electricity costs. 

The Farm & Goats – Their goat herd is possibly the only commercial herd in the country that is entirely grass-fed and managed ethically. On the 84-acre farm, holistic goat health is nurtured by intensive rotational grazing on naturally maintained meadows. This also helps to repair the ground. In addition to restoring the health of the soil and the local biodiversity, the verdant and thriving pastures and woodlands also trap carbon dioxide. 

Shipping & Packaging – Their items are packaged in non-perishable, recyclable, and reusable materials such as glass and metal. The sorghum that is used in the production of packing peanuts comes from a local supplier. They can be broken down in compost and soluble in water! 

Join Green Eco Dream in supporting sustainable agriculture and skincare! Shop our collection of organic and biodynamic products from Little Farm Seed. Let's work together to promote a healthier planet and healthier skin!