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  • Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral

    Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral




Lovett Sundries is committed to bringing you a hand-made sustainable options for your personal care and household cleaning needs.


Story of Lovett Sundries, a small family company out of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, started with a simple question and the answer they didn’t like.

After doing their homework on what goes into their store-bought soap, they realized they needed to find an alternative. All the nasty chemicals and ingredients they couldn’t even pronounce were not an option anymore.

They decided to try and make their own with well known old-fashioned techniques and carefully chosen ingredients. Family and friends were the first ones to try and they were thrilled with the soaps. They kept asking for more.

Seeing that soaps were received so well made them realize there is potential to expand and that’s how Lovett Sundries was started. 

Today, they make our everyday routine special with their finely crafted apothecary stock.


Everything we do has a certain impact on our planet and our everyday choices are a big part of it from driving a car, grocery shopping, home cleaning, etc. Personal care routine has an impact of its own, too.

At Lovett Sundries, they recognize the issues that commercial personal care products carry from harsh chemicals and toxins that are equally bad for our health and the environment to the plastic waste their packaging produces.

They wanted to do things differently and focused on creating clean apothecary stock that is going to change your every day routine.

All of their products are handcrafted, from soaps, grooming, and cleaning products and are carefully measured, mixed, and packaged by their own hands. They don’t mind doing things the old-fashioned way, quite contrary; even though it’s slower, it is more satisfying, and the products are better and more meaningful.

They pay special attention to their packaging and all of it is recyclable, reusable and almost all made here in the USA. Packing and shipping is also something they have in mind when reducing their impact. It is either repurposed, post-consumer or recyclable (all three most of the time).

Doing the right thing should be easy and at Lovett Sundries they go out of their way to make it easy for you!