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New Year, New Habits: A Month-by-Month Guide to Living Sustainably in 2024

New Year, New Habits: A Month-by-Month Guide to Living Sustainably in 2024

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While you might brush off New Year's resolutions as silly, futile, and frequently forgotten, we’re right there with you. Big lofty goals about transforming every aspect of your life are often unattainable. But small, measured, and realistic goals can be our ticket to transforming not just our own lives, but also making a difference in the world we live in.

Sustainable New Year's Resolutions

The beauty of incorporating sustainable habits into our New Year’s resolutions is that these small changes can create ripples that reach far beyond ourselves. These goals are about our personal growth and showing love for our planet, supporting our communities, and making our lifestyles more ethical. 

By weaving sustainability into our resolutions, we're not just taking steps toward self-improvement; we're committing to creating a better world. As we step into the new year, let's embrace this opportunity for change. 

Let's commit to achievable monthly resolutions that reflect our desire for personal growth, while also showing kindness to our planet and its inhabitants. Read on for ideas and inspo!

❄ January 

Invest in Reusables

Start your sustainability journey by investing in reusable items like water bottles, shopping bags, and coffee cups. These simple switches reduce single-use plastic and waste, supporting both personal convenience and environmental health. In the long run, they save you more money too. 

Start a Plastic-Free Home Journey

To take it one step further, start your family or household on a journey towards becoming completely single-use plastic-free. Take the initial steps by identifying and replacing commonly used plastic items in your home with sustainable alternatives. This commitment to reducing plastic waste aligns with the spirit of fresh starts in the new year.

⛄ February 

Read an Environmental Justice Book

Curl up by the fire and dive into a new book on a topic you wouldn’t have read before! It could be one that sheds light on environmental justice issues, understanding the intersectionality between social justice and environmental concerns. This personal learning journey fosters empathy and awareness, crucial for both personal growth and advocating for marginalized communities affected by environmental issues. Alternatively, if sustainable living fascinates you Bea Johnson's  Zero Waste Home is an excellent pick!

Take Climate Action

Use February as a month to take one singular climate action. This could be signing a petition, going to a protest, or joining a letter-writing campaign. Research community climate action groups and consider going to a meeting. Taking one small step of Climate Action aligns with the month of Valentine’s Day, showing love not just for oneself but for the planet and its inhabitants.

🌸 March 🌸

Eat Fresh, Local, Seasonal Produce

Embrace the Spring season by consuming locally-grown produce! Join the slow food movement by supporting local farmers and reducing the carbon footprint associated with food transportation. This habit nurtures a healthier lifestyle while fostering connections to the community and the environment. You may find some grocery stores that label local foods with a special sticker or a farmer’s market nearby. 

Start Your Garden

Spring is here and it’s time to sow the seeds for your future garden! To take your fresh food habit one step further, cultivate a green thumb by starting a small garden, whether it's herbs on a windowsill or a backyard plot. Gardening fosters patience, responsibility, and appreciation for nature's cycles. You’ll be eating freshly grown produce right from your own backyard! 

🍓 April 🍓

Support a Local Farm

Embrace the abundance of Spring by purchasing produce from local farms at farmers' markets or joining community-supported agriculture (CSA) programs. Supporting local farms provides fresh, seasonal goods and bolsters local economies. It also reduces the carbon footprint associated with food transport! You could even go one step further and find an organic farm with a delivery program! 

Plan an Eco Summer Vacation

As summer approaches, consider planning an eco-friendly summer vacay! You can do this by choosing destinations that prioritize sustainability, opting for eco-lodges or exploring nature reserves. Conscious travel choices support environmental conservation by giving money to those investing in sustainability work. Try discovering responsible tourism options for a memorable yet environmentally conscious getaway.

🐛 May 🐛

Learn a New DIY Project

DIY projects often use recycled materials and encourage using our hands to make something new. Get into the creative process with a sustainable craft. There are tons of fun ideas online that could get you into the Spring spirit. 

Bring your Own Take-out Containers

When dining out or ordering takeout, bring your reusable containers to minimize single-use plastic waste. This small action reduces plastic pollution while encouraging restaurants to consider eco-friendly packaging alternatives. This habit is amazing in its potential to reduce single-use plastic, but it’s often forgotten! 

☀ June

Use Reef-safe Sunscreen

Protect yourself and marine ecosystems by opting for reef-safe sunscreen. Traditional sunscreens containing harmful chemicals contribute to coral bleaching and harm marine life. Choosing reef-safe options supports healthier oceans while safeguarding personal skin health.

Replace Empty Personal Care Products

Focus this month on replacing your old products once they run out with ethical and sustainable alternatives. There are plenty of sustainable brands working to formulate powerful skincare, body care, and makeup without the use of toxic chemicals or unsustainable ingredients. You can find a wide variety of ethical brands on our website selling high-quality personal care products. 

🪴 July 🪴 

Conduct a Water Use Home Audit

Assess your household's water consumption to identify areas for conservation, like fixing leaks or installing water-saving devices. Sometimes the simple act of evaluating areas for improvement is a huge step towards a more sustainable home. Make a plan to fix any potential water wasters that you find.  

Save your Shower Water

Capture and repurpose shower water for activities like watering plants or flushing toilets. This simple habit might be tricky at first, but can end up as a huge water saver. By repurposing your shower water, you’ll be conserving upwards of 30 gallons per day, while practicing resourcefulness! It’s a small sacrifice to make. 

💦 August 💦

Participate in a Trash Clean Up

It’s warm, so let’s get outside! Dedicate time to join a clean-up of local parks, beaches, or neighborhoods. Most beaches have organizations that organize beach clean-ups, too. You may find that you’ll meet amazing environmentalists while doing something great for the environment together! Cleanups prevent litter from polluting ecosystems. Engaging in cleanup activities also fosters a sense of community involvement and responsibility.

Start Volunteering

To take your clean-up efforts one step further, try getting involved with local environmental organizations or community projects regularly! As summer turns to fall, this may be a great habit to implement into your routine. Volunteering offers opportunities to contribute to causes you care about, fostering personal growth. Donating your time can help to increase your self-confidence, and local organizations could really use it. 

♻ September

Conduct a Personal Waste Audit

Just like the water audit, it’s time to figure out what your biggest sources of waste are. Are you using tons of single-use plastics? Use the start of the Autumn season to analyze your household waste to identify areas for reduction, recycling, or composting. This audit serves as a starting point for minimizing waste generation and adopting more sustainable consumption habits for the rest of the year. 

Set Up Multi-stream Recycling Bins

If you’re already a zero-waste household, you could try investing in better recycling systems. Simplify recycling at home by setting up bins for different types of recyclables, making it easier to sort and divert materials from landfills. Create a plan for how you will get these recyclables to their proper disposal location if your community does not offer pickup. 

🍂 October 🍂

Start a Journal

Begin documenting your sustainability journey, noting eco-friendly habits, challenges, and aspirations. Journaling fosters self-reflection and mindfulness, aiding in personal growth. If you so choose, it can also provide a platform to track progress toward a more sustainable lifestyle.

Contact your Representatives

Advocate for environmental causes by reaching out to local representatives, expressing support for policies that promote sustainability, and addressing environmental concerns. This action amplifies individual voices for positive change.

🎁 November 🎁

Support Sustainable Brands

Prioritize purchasing from eco-conscious brands that prioritize sustainability, ethical production, and reduced environmental impact. Supporting such brands encourages responsible consumerism while driving demand for more sustainable products.

Have an Eco-Christmas

Celebrate the festive season with eco-friendly practices like using recycled wrapping paper, opting for energy-efficient decorations, and gifting experiences or sustainable products. A mindful gift-giving strategy ensures holiday celebrations are both joyful and kind to the planet.

🎄December 🎄

Evaluate Progress

Reflect on the sustainable habits adopted throughout the year, assessing achievements, challenges, and areas for improvement. December is an excellent time to cultivate self-awareness and inform future sustainable goal-setting.

Set New Sustainable Goals

Use insights gained from the evaluation to set fresh sustainability goals for the upcoming year! This proactive approach ensures continuous personal growth and commitment to making a positive difference for the environment and communities.

Personal Growth in The New Year

If you’re anything like us, you love New Year's Day. New Year's Day isn't just another date on the calendar, it’s an opportunity for growth and new routes beginnings. It's that time of year when we're excited to set our sights on new goals and new beginnings, envisioning a future filled with positive changes. 

This New Year, consider setting some sustainable habits for each month. Whether you make a small change or embark on a more serious environmental journey, you might find added personal growth benefits along the way. 

For more eco-friendly living ideas and sustainable practices, explore our blog for inspiration and guidance.


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