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Zero Waste Home Book


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Bea Johnson is "The mother of Zero Waste lifestyle movement." - CNN.

In her book Zero Waste Home she shares the story of how she simplified her life by reducing her waste. Today, Bea, her husband, Scott, and their two young sons produce just one quart of garbage a year, and their overall quality of life has changed for the better. They now have more time together, they have cut their annual spending by a remarkable 40 percent, and they are healthier than they have ever been!

Zero Waste Home is one of those books that will inspire you to get up and make changes in your life! It is a step-by-step guide that will give you the practical tools to help you improve your health, save money and time, and achieve a brighter future for your family and the planet!

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Printed with soy based ink on chlorine free FSC certified recycled paper.

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