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12 Ideas For Successful Plastic-free July Challenge

12 Ideas For Successful Plastic-free July Challenge

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It’s that time of the year when people around the world take a challenge to reduce disposable plastic in their lives. Yeah, it’s Plastic-free July time!

This now global movement started in 2011 with Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, founder of the movement and a small group of people in Western Australia.

What started as a humble challenge grew to become a worldwide movement inspiring people in 177 countries to take actions and reduce plastic pollution. It is estimated that 326 million people took part in the challenge in July of 2020 alone!


Even with all the efforts that have been taken, plastic production is set to be quadrupled in the next thirty years. There is no way to recycle all that plastic and we know it's here to stay for a long time, so we are not really doing our planet a favor by filling up our recycling bin.

This challenge is a great way to approach the problem and raise awareness!

Plastic-free July participants on average reduce their household waste and recycling by 21kg per person per year contributing to a total saving of 940 million kg of plastic waste each year. In addition to that 8.5 out of 10 people made changes that have become habits.

We don’t need a superhero to save the planet. Instead, we need many of us taking small steps in the right direction and raising awareness!

Take the challenge, give it a try - it can be fun! It’s a great way to include your friends, family, coworkers, community and make it a meaningful experience.


Decided to give it a try but have no idea where to start? That shouldn’t be too hard! If you want just a feel of the challenge, pick one disposable item to avoid and stick with it.

Like most of the first timers you can start by eliminating the big 4 which are the biggest and most common plastic polluters ⇨ plastic water bottles, straws, plastic bags and disposable coffee cups.

Of course if you have any of these, use them and move on to a different swap. 

Check out our awesome alternatives for water bottles, bags and straws.

Reusable Bags, Bottles and Straws


You have already swapped the notorious 4 and you want to go an extra step. These are some of the changes you can make in your everyday routine:

Are you using plastic cling wrap a lot? Carrying food in disposable zip bags or ordering a lot of takeout? These are all sources of a significant amount of plastic waste that can easily be avoided.

Investing in reusable storage options is a great way to do it. To keep your food fresh and store it in your fridge or simply take it with you these endlessly reusable Stasher Silicone Bags are game changers! They are made with highest grade platinum silicone and will last you forever.

There is no better way to wrap a sandwich, leftovers or cover a bowl than with reusable, fully biodegradable Bee’s Wrap!

Your lunch can be plastic-free whether you take it from home or order a takeout. Choose from our selection of lunch boxes: Bamboo Lunch Box, U-konserve, Eco Lunch Box.

Plastic-free Food Storage

It is crucial to maintain a healthy indoor environment and cleaning products are something that every household must have! While making your home clean, most of these products, being made of plastic, create huge waste and contribute to plastic pollution once they serve their purpose and are thrown away.

That is why it is important to find sustainable alternatives that will help keep your home clean and not contribute to additional waste. For example, these reusable Bamboo Brushes are a great way to reduce your plastic waste and do an awesome job of cleaning dishes, pots, pans, bottles, etc.

If you want to eliminate your synthetic sponges try our fully compostable Loofah/cellulose sponge. It is made from plants and will give you a comfortable feel while cleaning.

A great alternative for synthetic and microfiber cloths is a Swedish Dishcloth! This 100% compostable cloth is made with cellulose and organic cotton and will leave your kitchen spotless and waste-free!

Plastic-free Cleaning Supplies

Besides the fact that conventional detergents and softeners contain all sorts of chemical ingredients and can potentially have harmful effects on people, they come packed in those awful big plastic bottles and containers.

Luckily, some amazing alternatives have come out in recent years that do an outstanding job of keeping your clothes clean, longer lasting and not being a hazard to the environment.

There is a wide selection of products that can help you have a greener, plastic-free laundry routine.

These ultra concentrated, hypoallergenic Tru Earth laundry strips are packed into a pre-measured strip of detergent that you just toss in the wash. If you are more of a laundry powder type then this one by Bestowed Essentials is what you are looking for.

When it comes to softeners there is really only one way to go about it and that is Wool Dryer Balls. They naturally soften and fluff your laundry while helping you reduce drying time by 20% to 40% depending on load size. Pair them with your favorite essential oil and you’ll have an ultimate softener!

Check out our entire Laundry Collection!

Plastic-free Laundry Supplies

Even the most essential everyday routine has an impact on the environment. Your oral care is no exception! Commercial toothpastes usually come in plastic packaging while most of the toothbrushes and dental floss are made with plastic.

After their limited use and short lifetime, they are being discarded and eventually end up in landfills.

This is a great chance to make a switch and eliminate a good chunk of plastic not just for a month, but in the long run.

There are some great plastic-free options for you, whether you look for toothpaste or tablets. Check out our Davids and Georganics collections. All of their products come in sustainable packaging, plus they are free from sulfates and fluoride.

Next stop in your oral care swaps are toothbrush and dental floss. These tend to be very frequent among plastic waste and switching them out for better alternatives will help you reduce your impact!

This Bamboo Toothbrush made with sustainably sourced Miso bamboo and fully biodegradable certified bio-based bristles paired with compostable, natural silk dental floss is the way to do it!

Zero Waste Oral Care Products

Did you know that liquid soaps require five times more energy for raw material production and nearly 20 times more energy for packaging production than bar soaps do?

Conventional liquid soaps might contain toxins and harmful synthetic chemicals and most of the time come in plastic packaging. Switching to soap bars is a great way to reduce your waste and have a positive impact on the planet!

When choosing your next bar, look for clean, organic ingredients, package free or with compostable packaging. Try our soap bars from Corvus Botanicals, they check all from this list!

Zero Waste Soap Bars

Nobody wants to go out with frizzy, dry and unhealthy hair. That is why it is super important to take care of your hair and keep it healthy!

When choosing the right products we have to keep the environment in our mind too! Did you know that half a billion shampoo and conditioner bottles get thrown away per year in the US only?

Switching to plastic-free hair care will help you have a positive impact on the environment. From there it’s a matter of preference and what works best for your hair. If you like shampoo and conditioner bars check out these from HiBAR, Corvus or Habitat. There is a wide selection of bars for all types of hair.

For ones that like their liquid shampoo and conditioner, Plaine Products refillable options are the way to go! And if you need a quick freshening up of your hair try a dry shampoo from Lumi or Lovett.

Finally, if you need some plastic-free hair accessories try our Bamboo Hairbrush or first ever plastic-free scrunchies and hair ties from Kooshoo.

Zero Waste Hair Care

Shower time is a big part of our everyday routine. Who doesn’t like the smell of a refreshing body wash or a soft feel of lotion or body scrub? It brightens your mood, right? But the problem is that most of these products come packed in plastic and are made with chemicals that are bad both for you and the environment.

Switching to zero waste bath essentials will still make you feel good all while reducing your waste and helping the environment.

Check out some of our great alternatives like Plaine Refillable Vegan Body Wash, Corvus Botanicals soap bars or scrubs from Upcircle, Lovett or Corvus Botanicals.

Zero Waste Bath Essentials

Disposable plastic razors should be a thing of the past! They create a huge amount of waste, most of them are not even recyclable and are slowly draining your wallet!

Instead you can reduce your impact and have an awesome plastic-free shaving experience. Safety razor will give you a comfortable and sustainable shave for years! Check out our beautifully designed Safety Razor!

Reusable Safety Razor

Spray deodorants and antiperspirants are bad news for the environment! These products are basically little chemical cocktails that cause air and water pollution and can be bad for your health.

The deodorant industry is responsible for over 15 million pounds of plastic waste each year and we’ve all agreed that plastic stinks! You can keep your underarm charm and reduce your plastic waste with zero-waste, natural deodorants.

Habitat makes amazing deodorant sticks that come in compostable packaging and will give you a fresh feel. If you prefer deodorant cream, then Corvus Botanicals is an excellent choice for you!

Plastic-free Deodorants

Beauty industry is relying heavily on disposable plastic packaging and is one of the biggest contributors to plastic waste and plastic pollution.

However, there are some amazing brands that focus on reducing plastic in their packaging. Elate Cosmetics is a true leader in clean and sustainable beauty with 75% of their products being plastic-free!

Check out their amazing lip pencils, eyeshadows and lip balms, they will make you stand out!

Speaking of lip balms, these ones from Blue Heron and Corvus Botanicals are also some great plastic-free options.

If you are looking for some accessories to help you with your beauty routine, that are plastic-free, check out these brushes, palettes, reusable makeup remover rounds and beauty swabs

Low Waste Clean Beauty Products

Period care products like disposable tampons and pads are a big part of the waste problem!

Each year over 400 million pounds of waste from these products end up in landfills! Plus, many of them can contain chemicals that you don’t want close to the most sensitive part of your body!

Reduce your plastic waste by switching to some of the sustainable, plastic-free alternatives. Reusable menstrual cups made with medical grade silicone are super soft and comfortable and are a great plastic-free option. Check out these made by Saalt!

If menstrual cups are not your thing, no worries! You can opt for reusable pads made with organic cotton. Check out our Glad Rags collection!

Zero Waste Period Care Products


All of the ideas mentioned above are a great way to participate in the Plastic-free July challenge and reduce plastic consumption in your life, but they do require some investing.

If you are not ready to take that step but still want to take part in the challenge there are still a lot of things that you can do that don't require investing.

A good way to start is by educating yourself. Fun way to do it is by watching a plastic related movie or a documentary. Some of the great ones are: Albatros, A Bag it Movie, A Plastic Ocean.

You can then engage with your family, friends, your community to talk about plastic issues and inspire people around you to take part in the challenge.

How about joining or even organizing a beach/park clean-up? That is a great way to make an immediate impact on the environment!

DIY projects are a super fun way to make the best of what you already have and avoid buying things that might contain plastic.

Make your own cleaning rags from old shirts that are sitting in your closet.

Try to make your all-purpose cleaners, there some super easy recipes that are very effective. If you need a spray bottle we have a great one for you by Full Circle

Avoid using balloons for your next party, and try to make your own paper decorations.

Try making your own plant-based milks and avoid the packaging waste. We have an organic cotton cheesecloth that can help you do it!

There are many more ways for all of us to take action and be a part of this wonderful movement. The important part is to actually take action and raise awareness.

And remember, Plastic-Free July is not about perfection, it’s about process and reducing plastic that works for your lifestyle-while still challenging yourself!

Explore our Plastic-free July Collection and don’t forget to use discount code: PFJ15 to save 15% on your favorites!

Have a great Plastic-free July!

Love, Snow! ❄️💙


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