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10 Sustainable Stocking Stuffers for Women

10 Sustainable Stocking Stuffers for Women

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Stockings are like the cherry on top of an eco-friendly holiday celebration. Albeit small, they provide an excellent opportunity for sustainable gift giving.

Just think about it, if you wanted to jumpstart a loved one’s zero-waste journey, you likely wouldn’t wrap small sustainable swaps like a bamboo toothbrush and safety razor, would you? Enter the stocking: the perfect place for petite, planet-friendly gifts. 

To help you with your holiday shopping, here are 10 sustainable stocking stuffers for women.

1. Elate Eyeshadow Compact Set

Makeup can help someone to look and feel their best—but it certainly isn’t a good look for our planet! Around 120 billion units of cosmetic packaging are produced every year. Since the plastic containers, tubes, and compacts aren’t recyclable, they often end up in landfills where they’ll take thousands of years to break down into harmful microplastics. 

Fortunately, glitz and glamour can be better for our planet, thanks to Elate! Their Eyeshadow Compact Sets come in eight different shades, are certified vegan and cruelty free, and are made with organic and fair trade ingredients. Even better, the compact is made with sustainably sourced bamboo and is refillable, reusable, and commercially-compostable! The compact sets themselves are also sent in plantable seed paper envelopes. 

2. Jade Roller

Dating back to use in traditional Chinese medicine, jade rollers have been used for centuries in balancing chi, or the body’s life force. The cool feelings of the gemstone roller help to support the lymphatic system and boost healthy drainage and blood circulation, ultimately reducing puffiness and brightening complexion.

This beauty tool is even better when you know it’s made with natural, ethically-sourced jade! The Jade Roller from Earth Harbor is made with 100% pure Grade-A Jade, and it’s responsibly manufactured in China. After you sneak this into someone’s stocking, they can use it for decades to come. When it reaches its end of life, the jade gemstones can be returned to nature. Gift the gift of a fresh face and a healthy planet this holiday season! 

3. Elate Lip Duo

When it comes to sustainable beauty products, multi-use products are the best! They cut down on unnecessary waste—and make it easier for anyone who’s prone to losing their lipstick! This is why we love the Lip Duo from Elate. It features both a lipstick and a lip pencil, making getting ready for work or date night quicker, easier, and more sustainable. 

Like all of Elate’s beauty products, the Lip Duo is made with vegan, cruelty-free, organic, and fair trade ingredients, and is packaged responsibly. The lid is corn-derived and the pencil and lipstick are made with sustainably-sourced California cedarwood and bamboo, respectively. 

4. Active Hydration Serum

Ingredients like hyaluronic acid and vitamin C are well understood to provide hydrating, protective, and renewal benefits for all skin types. Well, now they can help to protect and support the health of our planet, too! 

With the Active Hydration Serum from Activist Skincare, you can give the gift of supple skin, sustainably! The serum contains vegan, cruelty-free, and sustainably sourced ingredients and the glass bottle is refillable, reusable, or recyclable. 

5. Rosewater Face Cream

When it comes to dealing with wind, cold, and dry air, there’s nothing more desirable in the dead of winter than baby smooth skin. This is where the Rosewater Face Cream from Lovett Sundries comes in!

Between recognizable, non-synthetic ingredients and a cute glass jar and aluminum lid that is reusable and recyclable, this is THE sustainable skincare product for anyone in need of a little wintertime skin TLC. Did we mention that it’s locally produced in the USA? 

6. Corvus Shampoo and Conditioner Set

Speaking of sustainability swaps, ditching the plastic that's normally used to package shampoo and conditioners is one of the best things you can do for our planet (and, of course, luscious locks)! Show your friend the better way to wash, rinse, and repeat by introducing them to a Shampoo + Conditioner Bar Set from Corvus Botanicals. 

In just one bar, they’ll have enough shampooing or conditioning power for more than 80 washes! Because Corvus leaves it up to your loved one to add water (in the shower, duh), there’s no need for water in the ingredient list—or plastic to contain the liquid! They’ll still enjoy a residue-free clean, but without plastic, palm oil, or toxic synthetic ingredients.

7. UpCircle Body Cream

Better-for-earth body care products start with eco-packaging like bamboo, glass, or infinitely-recyclable aluminum. But they can become even better when they’re made with cruelty-free, vegan, certified organic, and sustainably-sourced ingredients. 

As a true hero from the medicine cabinet, UpCircle’s Body Cream takes sustainable ingredients to the next level by using repurposed date seeds! The leftover date seeds are collected as a by-product from date farming—and for good reason, because they’re considered a “super seed” and contain anti-inflammatory properties! Combined with other sustainable ingredients and delivered in a cute, reusable glass jar—this is one stocking stuffer anyone would be happy to pull out. 

8. Kooshoo Scrunchies

Even though most of us are constantly wearing one (both messy buns and man buns included!), we often don’t stop to think about the impact of our scrunchies. They’re commonly made with plastic-based synthetic fabrics which aren’t great for our planet or healthy hair. 

Fortunately, there’s an alternative! With the Organic Scrunchies from Kooshoo, which are 100% Fair trade, plastic-free and made with organic cotton you'll get a comfy hold all day! The inner rubber is also natural and Fair Trade! You can really s(hair) the holiday cheer with these scrunchies, as they’re ethically produced in India, and can be backyard composted at the end of their life! 

9. Corvus Lip Tint

There’s no stocking stuffer more quintessential than lip balm. Unfortunately, our obsession with chapstick and lip balm means that discarded lip-product tubes make up roughly 12% of America’s plastic waste. Soothing dry lips shouldn’t have to come at the sacrifice of our planet—and it doesn’t have to!

With the Lip Tint from Corvus Botanicals, your giftee can receive all the moisturizing benefits of nutrient-rich organic oils, all without plastic! The sustainably sourced, vegan ingredients are held in a compostable paper tube. Consider this eco-friendly stocking stuffer and help your friend or family member kiss plastic waste goodbye. 

10. All Good Deodorant

If there’s one thing an environmentally-friendly friend or family member wants, it’s a good natural deodorant. All Good Organic Deodorant to the rescue! With scents like cedarwood and spruce and rose geranium and jasmine, someone can fight off body odor without toxic ingredients like aluminum, propylene glycol, and parabens. 

The deodorant is made in a solar-powered facility and packaged in a post-consumer recycled tube. The Oregon-based company is also a Certified B Corp and supports global environmental projects through as a member of 1% for the Planet!

Now that you’ve got your sustainable stocking stuffers ready, you just have to make what goes under the tree just as eco-friendly! That’s where we jump in to help out again. We now offer conscious Gift Wraps printed on recycled newspaper with soy based ink, for all your gifts. Yours is just to pick your favorite style!

Let us know in the comments what sustainable holiday gifts are on your list, or if you have any zero waste gift wrap ideas!

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