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Gift Wrap Products that You Can Feel Good About!

Wrap with a conscience – Wrappily brings sustainable gift-wrapping solutions for a better planet.


Stylish, recyclable, and reusable wrapping paper is available from the eco-friendly gift-wrapping company Wrappily. The business is situated in Maui, Hawaii, and was established in 2013. The founder, Sara Smith, was born into the printing industry and spent a decade working in the publishing industry. Seeing the pollution, she always felt burdened with guilt and believed that a better solution existed; hence, she found her own way to contribute to the environment. Wrappily was her answer to a global need for a smarter, more sustainable gift wrap. 

Using recycled newsprint and soy-based ink, Wrappily's wrapping paper offers a greener option than conventional gift wrapping. The paper may be used twice before being recycled and has a different design on each side. Other eco-friendly gift-wrapping items, such as gift tags, ribbons, and wrapping accessories, are also available from Wrappily in addition to wrapping paper. The business is dedicated to encouraging environmentally friendly methods and waste reduction in the gift-wrapping sector.

Shoppers can wrap their gifts in a creative and eco-friendly manner with the help of Wrappily's elegant and entertaining designs. They show a dedication to defending the environment and preserving the earth through their charitable efforts.


Wrappily jumps at the chance to help and strengthen the ongoing efforts related to sustainability. Although it may seem like a minor adjustment in your life, using Wrappily offers uncountable benefits to the environment:

Wrappily's dedication to recycling, using eco-friendly products, and supporting environmental issues positively affect the environment and encourages more eco-friendly gift-wrapping techniques.

Wrappily is a sustainable gift-wrapping company committed to promoting environmentally beneficial gift-wrapping habits. They achieve this by providing reusable, eco-friendly wrapping paper created from recycled materials.

Conscious shoppers are inspired to reconsider their gift-wrapping strategy and switch to more eco-friendly techniques by using their products. Wrappily also helps local economies by manufacturing its wrapping paper locally in the United States, which supports regional businesses and reduces the environmental impact of shipping and transit.

Additionally, Wrappily encourages creativity by offering distinctive and fashionable designs that give you a fun and creative approach to wrapping gifts. And that's not all! Wrappily gives back to the environment by distributing a portion of its earnings to environmental causes, which assists in protecting the environment and conservation activities. With all these efforts, Wrappily sets an excellent example for other companies to follow in terms of sustainability and social responsibility.

So, if you're searching for an eco-friendly and fashionable gift-wrapping option, then Wrappily is just what you need! Their high-quality goods and dedication to philanthropy and sustainability make them a brand worth supporting.