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Marley's Monsters

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Transform your home into a sustainable sanctuary with Marley's eco-friendly and reusable goods.

Marley's Monsters Story

Sarah Dooley established the family-run company Marley's Monsters in Eugene, Oregon, in 2013. The business creates a variety of reusable, eco-friendly goods that are intended to encourage sustainability and lessen waste.

Marley's Monsters was created as a result of Sarah's search for a more environmentally-friendly approach to raising her little daughter Marley. Sarah is a stay-at-home mother. Paper towels and baby wipes are two examples of disposable goods that she intended to make less of a waste of. She then began producing her own cloth baby wipes and quickly discovered that there was a market for durable, environmentally-friendly goods.

Sarah started selling her goods on Etsy, where she quickly grew a following. In 2013, she formally established Marley's Monsters as a company in her daughter's honor. Cloth napkins, paperless towels, nursing pads, and other environmentally friendly home goods were added to the company's product portfolio.

Since then, Marley's Monsters has developed into a successful company with a staff of employees and a following of devoted shoppers. The business continues prioritizing sustainability, employing organic and environmentally-friendly materials when appropriate, and urging its clients to decrease waste and adopt more sustainable lifestyles.

Marley's Monsters proposes "solutions" that can lessen the amount of garbage produced by people and homes by providing reusable alternatives to disposable goods. The company's dedication to sustainability is further emphasized by using organic and environmentally friendly components in creating its products. The company's motto reminds people of the value of sustainability and motivates them to take action to lessen their environmental effects.


Marley's Monsters is a company that has a significant impact in various ways. The business prioritizes the use of sustainable and eco-friendly materials in the manufacturing of its products. Hemp, organic cotton, and bamboo are the primary materials used, which are all sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Additionally, Marley's Monsters uses recyclable and biodegradable packaging materials, which reduce waste and promote sustainability.

The company's focus on waste reduction is also evident in its reusable items such as cloth wipes, cloth napkins, and unpaper towels. These items help prevent the trash from going to landfills, and the company claims that its unpaper towels alone have replaced about 13 million rolls of paper towels. This significant waste reduction shows the effectiveness of the company's eco-friendly products.

Marley's Monsters is also committed to offsetting its carbon emissions. The company participates in a Brazilian forestry project, which helps to offset its carbon emissions. Through its e-commerce platform, Shopify, Marley's Monsters participates in a program for carbon offsets, which helps further reduce its carbon footprint.

The company donates a portion of its earnings to philanthropic organizations such as the National Forest Foundation, Surfrider Foundation, and Save the Children. This commitment to giving back highlights the company's dedication to positively impacting both the environment and society.

Marley's Monsters is a company that is committed to creating high-quality, eco-friendly household products that are both stylish and practical. Its focus on sustainability, waste reduction and philanthropy makes it a leading example of a business dedicated to positively impacting the world.

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