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    Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral




"We need to change the culture. Ask questions. Do research. Innovate. Do what no one else is doing. Change the culture, change the world." - Kyle Bardouche, The Founder.


There is an old saying “you are what you eat”!  The same can be applied for your skin. That is how they felt at Jack Henry’s!

A group of guys who like to stay active, feel good and look good. This is why they were always looking for clean solutions to put on their hair, face and body, which was quite the challenge for them. Many different creams, lotions, washes, and pomades line drug stores, but many are filled with questionable ingredients.

They refused to compromise clean ingredients to get the look they wanted which gave them no other alternative but to create their own products. So they did! They decided to craft their own products using only clean, natural ingredients with no outside influences and no scientists involved.

What started as a crazy idea has become a full line of thoughtfully hand-crafted hair, skin, and body products. No artificial ingredients, no nasty chemicals. Simply stuff that benefits the body!


Conventional cosmetic products contain some of the notorious chemicals like Parabens, Phthalates, SLS, SLEs which can be harmful for our health. And what is bad for you it’s also bad for the environment. Tons of dangerous substances get washed down from sink drains every year. From there, many make their way into the water system.

At Jack Henry, they do things the right way! It is all about transparency. They only use thoughtful, clean, natural ingredients, with no nasty chemicals or synthetic fragrances. 

In simplicity lies the elegance and so they strive to use as few ingredients as possible. They source the best organic ingredients from around the globe like organic lavender oil from France, organic coconut oil from Philippines or grass pressed oil from South Africa and within the USA like bentonite clay and organic jojoba oil.

All of their products are crafted in-house with minimal waste during production. They use amber glass jars and bottles for their packaging which are 100% recyclable.

Clean, Organic and Zero Synthetics - That is what Jack Henry stands for!