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Sustainability Made Simple and Fun!

Say goodbye to all that wasted produce and unnecessary plastic wrap, and hello to Food Huggers!


Adrienne McNicholas and Michelle Ivankovic, who were motivated to develop a device that would aid in reducing food waste in their own homes, developed Food Huggers in 2013. The two women started experimenting with various materials and designs for a food saver that could accommodate a variety of vegetable sizes and shapes. Friends and neighbors, the duo decided to use BPA-free silicone to make a reusable, flexible food saver that could conform to the contour of the produce. They succeeded after experimenting with a number of prototypes, striving to fulfill the goal of sustainable living. 

Produced by the business Food Huggers, reusable silicone food savers are intended to preserve the freshness of fruits and vegetables for longer periods of time. These food savers are dishwasher safe, BPA-free, and available in a range of sizes and shapes to fit various types of vegetables.

Food Huggers sells cutting mats, silicone straws, and reusable snack bags in addition to its food savers. The business focuses on sustainability and minimizing food waste, and all of its products are made to be more environmentally friendly alternatives to single-use plastics.

Food Huggers made an appearance on "Shark Tank" in 2019, where they made a deal with financier Mark Cuban. This collaboration brought the company's exposure and expansion to the next level. Food Huggers' goods are now available online and at a few select retail locations. The business is still committed to decreasing food waste and encouraging sustainability through its eco-friendly products.


Food waste is one of the most significant sources of waste in landfills worldwide. The pressure put on local landfills can be eased if there is a reduction in the amount of wasted food. The company's mission is to help customers reduce different types of waste at home. They influence in a number of ways, including:

Reducing Food Waste: Food Huggers' reusable silicone food savers help maintain the freshness of fruits and vegetables, extending their shelf life and lowering the quantity of food that goes to waste. Reducing the amount of food that ends up in landfills helps consumers save money while lowering the environmental impact of food waste.

Sustainability Promoted: The company's emphasis on reusable and environmentally friendly products contributes to sustainability by minimizing the usage and disposal of single-use plastic. Their goods are produced from silicone devoid of BPA, a robust, non-toxic material that can be reused repeatedly.

Supporting Local Communities: Food Huggers collaborates with regional vendors and suppliers to make their products. As a result, the local economy and community are strengthened, and the carbon footprint associated with importing goods from elsewhere is diminished.

Raising Awareness: With their educational materials and social media channels, Food Huggers works to increase public understanding of the value of preventing food waste and encouraging sustainability.

Join the zero-waste revolution with Food Huggers! Say goodbye to plastic wrap and hello to eco-friendly, reusable food covers. Keep your food fresh and reduce waste with these innovative designs. Upgrade your kitchen game today and join the sustainable living movement!