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  • Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral

    Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral



Providing Zero Waste Kitchen Solutions Since 2003

For more than 20 years, Bambu has helped households reduce their reliance on plastic by providing non-toxic products for the home.


In 2003, Bambu set out to create zero-waste solutions that could “make everyday sustainable living possible.” After leaving jobs in corporate America, founders Rachel and Jeff wanted to change the viewpoint that corporate responsibility was a shackle—instead of an opportunity. They wanted to demonstrate that you could have it all: social responsibility; sustainable products; and financial success.

Proving that all this (and more) is possible, Bambu creates products that don’t rely on resource-intensive, petroleum-based materials. Made with plant-based components and without harsh chemicals and additives, their range of utensils, cookware, and serving dishes is safer for homes, families, and our planet. 

Bambu products are better for workers, too. After the bamboo is sourced in China’s bamboo belt, it’s processed in Shanghai and Fujian Province. They work exclusively with smaller, family-operated workshops. Women make up most of the artisans in these workshops; and they benefit from fair labor practices and living wages. 

While they now live in China to be closer to their producer groups, Bambu’s founders and owners have their roots in the Pacific Northwest. Growing up with a stunning natural environment in their backyard, the idea of creating harmony with nature is embedded into all that they do. From material sourcing to a product’s end-of-life fate, Earth is an important stakeholder for Bambu.

How Do They Make An Impact?

Given their name, it should come as no surprise that Bambu turned to bamboo—a naturally renewable resource—for their kitchen essentials. In fact, they’re the first and only company to use LETIS certified organic bamboo in their natural utensils and veneerware. This means that the bamboo is sourced, processed, and packaged in a way that’s free of harmful pesticides, fertilizers, and other chemicals (lacquers, dyes, heavy metals, petroleum, BPA, phthalates, PFAS, and formaldehyde—to name a few). 

The bamboo is manufactured in a way that’s better for the earth, too. Their production partners filter and reuse water. Any bamboo waste that’s produced in the production process is used as fuel for the machinery in the factories. If bamboo is blended with other materials, they’re equally sustainable, like cork, hemp, or organic cotton. 

But it doesn’t stop there for Bambu. Their entire line is backed by a 100% USDA Biobased certification. This means that the products are made from natural raw materials—down to the organic linseed oil finish or plant-based adhesive. As a result, all Bambu products are biodegradable or compostable. As a certified member of the Compost Manufacturing Alliance (CMA) we can be sure their products can truly go back into the earth. 

Going beyond the products themselves, Bambu is also a Certified B Corp. Since 2020, they’ve also been a certified Carbon Neutral company. Partnering with CarbonFund.org, they offset their carbon footprint through programs that fund reforestation and renewable energy projects. On top of that, the 1% For The Planet member donates 1% of their sales to environmental nonprofits.

When you use one of their products in your kitchen or bring Bambu to a planet-friendly picnic, you can rest assured that it’s from a company that has gone the extra mile. From the plantation to the packaging, Bambu has put your safety—and that of the planet’s—as the first priority. When it comes to securing health for future generations, Bambu definitely deserves a seat at the table.