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Top 10 Everyday Items to Replace for a More Sustainable Home

Top 10 Everyday Items to Replace for a More Sustainable Home

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Are you concerned about the environment and want to make a difference, but sometimes feel overwhelmed by all the plastic waste and climate change? Do you ever get frustrated by companies that don't seem to care about the planet or by the lack of sustainable options? You're not alone. 

Many people, like you, are eager to lead a lifestyle that helps the Earth while also feeling a bit uncertain about how to do it. But don't worry, there are simple changes you can make in your everyday life that will have a big impact. This blog is here to guide you through switching out regular items for more sustainable products, so you can be part of a community working towards green living.

10 Easy Sustainable Home Item Switches 

To move towards a zero-waste lifestyle, try out these simple and easy sustainable product swaps that replace wasteful single-use plastics.

1. Plastic Toothbrush  Bamboo Toothbrush

Bamboo Toothbrush

A plastic toothbrush is a great place to start transforming your eco-friendly home. Some estimate that up to one billion plastic toothbrushes are thrown out each year. It makes sense, as The American Dental Association recommends replacing toothbrushes every three months. The good news is there is an excellent solution– the bamboo toothbrush!

Bamboo is a renewable resource and is usually commercially compostable. This means every three months you can compost your toothbrush, reducing the amount of plastic that ends up in a landfill. When you’re ready for a new brush, simply remove the bristles with pliers to properly recycle them and compost the bamboo handle. You can even swap your traditional plastic tube toothpaste for premium natural toothpaste that comes packaged in a recyclable aluminum tube.

2. Plastic Bags  Reusable Bag

Reusable Bags

Plastic bags are a menace to the environment – especially for ocean creatures that mistake them for food. They’re also one of the easiest items to replace! Try keeping reusable shopping bags in your car or a compact reusable bag in your purse. That way, you’re always prepared if you end up at the store unexpectedly. Cutting down on your plastic bag use is one of the most accessible ways to become more environmentally friendly.

If you’re already a sustainability pro, you can take it one step further: replace the plastic produce bags you normally use at grocery stores! There are small cotton produce bags especially designed for your apples, tomatoes, lemons, or whatever else you may need a portable, reusable bag for.

3. Plastic Water Bottles → Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle

Americans purchase an estimated 50 billion plastic water bottles per year. These bottles often end up un-recycled, in our waterways, forests, and other natural habitats. Because of their pervasiveness, plastic water bottles offer a great opportunity for single-use plastic reduction. 

Swap your plastic water bottles for the most classic sustainable product: the reusable water bottle! Reusable water bottles come in all shapes and sizes these days. Whether you seek a straw lid, an open mouth, aluminum, or durable plastic, there’s a reusable water bottle for you. Any eco-friendly home has a few reusable water bottles on hand!

4. Disposable Paper Towels → Reusable Paper Towels

Reusable Paper Towels

Reusable paper towels might sound odd, but really, they are an excellent sustainable living swap! Thanks to environmental innovators and inventors, there are plenty of alternatives to the traditional single-use paper towel. There are reusable paper towel rolls, washable cloths, and even quick-dry dishcloths for those everyday little spills. 

Moreover, most paper towels are made with harsh chemicals like chlorine and formaldehyde. They aren’t recyclable and usually aren’t biodegradable. You may be surprised at how quickly your kitchen routines adapt to reusable clothes – plus, you’ll be saving money in the long run!

5. Plastic Razors → Reusable Safety Razor

Safety Razor

Ah, plastic razors an insidious single-use item that needs frequent replacement. Swapping single-use plastic razors with a reusable set saves you money and saves the environment from more waste! Old-fashioned safety razors are made from stainless steel and are apt for shavers of any skill level. 

These razors are not disposable and only require blade replacements. The metal handle of the razors can be used again and again, indefinitely! Go back to basics and make the switch to a butterfly safety razor. Again, you’ll save money in the long run.

6. Plastic Straws → Reusable Straw

Reusable Straw

Plastic straws are the enemy of environmentalists because they’re such pesky single-use plastic. They’re tiny and difficult to control, meaning they often escape from traditional waste management and end up in the ocean. Paper straws aren’t the best solution, because they get soggy and still create waste. 

Enter the reusable straw: made of glass or metal, these straws are dishwasher safe and can be used again and again! They come in all shapes and sizes, from silly straws to elegant green glass. Reusable straws elevate the feel of your drink while eliminating plastic waste at the same time.

7. Plastic Food Containers → Reusable Lunch Box

Eco Lunch Box

Plastic take-out containers are bad for plastic pollution and bad for your body. When hot food is placed in plastic food containers, the chemicals and compounds from those containers may leach into the food. Some of these chemicals have been linked to health challenges like reduced fertility. 

Swap your plastic food containers for glass or stainless steel food storage containers for a healthier and more sustainable home. Stainless steel containers are durable, dishwasher safe, and do not risk leaching any chemicals into your food and beverages. Silicone Stasher bags are also an excellent swap for plastic sandwich bags or traditional plastic tupperware.

8. Plastic Wrap → Washable Food Wrap

Bee's Wrap

Did you know there’s a reusable wrap that’s been made from bees’ wax and cloth? Beeswax wraps are an incredible replacement for traditional plastic wrap that’s flimsy, difficult to use, and single-use. The beeswax technology allows users to handwash the wrap in cold water with dish soap to easily prepare it for reuse. 

Bee’s Wrap adds a stylish flair as it comes in various colors and patterns. This wrap provides a truly natural plastic and silicone-free alternative to the wasteful ways of outdated plastic wrap. Bee’s Wrap also comes in various shapes and sizes for different food storage needs.

9. Plastic-bottled Laundry Detergent → Plastic-free Laundry Sheets

Kind Laundry Sheets

Discover a fresh approach to your laundry routine! Try out non-toxic laundry detergent sheets that are free from any plastic packaging. These sheets are formulated from plant-based ingredients, designed not only to provide clean clothes but also to minimize waste.

This innovative solution dissolves instantly in any water temperature and is compatible with various types of washing machines including front-loading and top-loading models. Zero-waste laundry detergent sheets are lightweight and space-saving, making them great for travel as well.

10. Disposable Feminine Care → Reusable Feminine Products

Saalt Menstrual Cup

Feminine care hasn’t evolved or progressed in many, many years… until now. The waste associated with traditional products like tampons and pads has been out of women’s control. Thanks to smart environmentalists, it’s now possible to have your period completely zero waste if you choose to do so! 

From silicone menstrual cups to washable pads, there are options for various comfort levels. These reusable options help women save money on feminine care each month, while also reducing the waste associated with menstruation. Don’t feel pressured to go zero-waste all at once during that time of the month. Try one solution a few times, and find what works best for you! 

Creating a Zero Waste Home

In the end, making small sustainable swaps in our daily lives can add up to a big difference for our planet. By swapping out common items with more sustainable choices, we can all play a part in reducing plastic pollution and protecting our environment. Remember, it's not about doing everything perfectly, but about taking empowered steps in the right direction. 

Each time you choose a reusable option or opt for a product with less impact, you're contributing to a healthier future for everyone. Let's keep these switches in mind and inspire others to join us on this journey toward a greener and more sustainable home. Plus, by supporting these sustainable businesses, we can create positive change and show that even the smallest actions matter!

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