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Environmental Non-Profits: 15 Organizations Worth Supporting

Environmental Non-Profits: 15 Organizations Worth Supporting

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It’s almost Earth Day, which makes it an excellent time to show some environmental non-profits a little love! As consumers, we’re all capable of making changes that support our environment. We can make the switch to sustainable home goods, reduce our impact wherever possible, and support the organizations doing the same. To help you put your money where your heart is, we’ve come up with 15 of the best environmental organizations worth supporting. 

Environmental Organization: How They’re Saving Our Planet

But first, what do environmental non-profits do? Equipped with the resources, strategies, background research, social networks, and support, environmental organizations tackle many of the same issues individuals are committed to, but on a larger scale. 

As nonprofits, these environmental organizations run on generosity and donations to advocate in areas like social and environmental justice, ocean conservation, forests and reforestation, regenerative agriculture, climate action, clean energy, pollution, and wildlife protection. This is why supporting them is so essential! By just helping out one or two organizations, you can really make a positive impact. And what better day to do so than on April 22nd! 

15 of the Best Environmental Charities

1. 1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet is often recognized as one of the best environmental charities—and it’s one that Green Eco Dream personally supports! The organization represents a vast collection of individuals, businesses, and other non-profit organizations who are working to find solutions to some of the most pressing environmental problems. So far, more than $350 million has been invested to support essential work in six core areas: food; climate; pollution; land; water; and wildlife.

2. One Tree Planted

Their name says it all—One Tree Planted is in the business of planting trees! For every dollar donated, one tree is planted. The non-profit plants trees all around the world, not only contributing to reforestation, biodiversity, and air-and water-cleaning benefits, but also providing jobs to millions of people. 

3. American Forests

Working in the US and Canada, American Forests is on a mission to expand urban forests, restore native forests, and contribute to better forest policy. With every tax-deductible donation, they’re able to plant socially equitable, resilient forests. Over their impressive 140-year history, they’ve planted more than 50 million trees in North America. 

4. A Growing Culture

Recognizing that the majority of the world’s food comes from smallholder farmers and producers, A Growing Culture supports food sovereignty and farmer autonomy. Their projects are centered around food justice, seed saving and sharing, and peasant, BIPOC, and Indigenous farmer support. 

5. Native American Traditional Indiegenous Food Systems 

Imagining a new food system in the US, Native American Traditional Indigenous Food Systems (NATIFS) is a non-profit committed to addressing the health and economic crises impacting Native communities by re-establishing their traditional ways of producing, consuming, and sharing food. Not only do these traditional food systems support social and economic health, but they contribute to a sustainable future, too. 

6. Earthjustice

As the largest environmental law organization in the US, we can think of Earthjustice as our planet’s lawyer. For 50 years, they’ve been behind most major environmental wins like the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Donations will help them fight for 100% clean energy, clean air and water for all, and environmental justice—to name just a few. 

7. Nature Conservancy

Since 1951, The Nature Conservancy has been working to protect the lands and waters, and the life that calls them home. Working together with policymakers, farmers, scientists, and communities, the non-profit has projects in more than 70 countries. By 2030, they hope to make a major difference in terms of climate change and biodiversity loss.

8. National Audubon Society

The National Audubon Society is a familiar conservation organization with more than 500 chapters across the US. Protecting birds and their habitats, the non-profits utilizes education, science, on-the-ground conservancy, and advocacy to create a world where both people and wildlife thrive.  

9. Ocean Conservancy

Working to protect our oceans from challenges like plastic pollution and climate change, Ocean Conservancy advocates for our oceans and has programs to support waterways, sustainable fisheries, and oceans that are free from trash. The global non-profit bases all of their actions on science-based advocacy and is committed to empowering people to protect diverse ecosystems. 

10. Oceana

Since being founded in 1999, Oceana has protected more than 4.5 million square miles of ocean. With regional sites in the US, Canada, Europe, and several Asian and South/Central American countries, their impact is broad and has made use of science-based policy campaigns to win more than 225 victories. These include urging Coca-Cola to reduce single-use bottles, encouraging the Philippines government to protect marine ecosystems, and supporting legislation that protects marine species in California and New England. 

11. 350.org

As one of the key sustainability non-profits standing up to the fossil fuel industry, 350 is committed to ensuring a clean energy future for all. The global grassroots movement has local groups in 188 countries. These groups work to support the transition to renewables, resist new fossil fuel projects, and divest funds from dirty energy projects. 

12. Earth Guardians

Empowering young people to combat some of the world’s most pressing environmental issues, Earth Guardians is a non-profit led by Indigenous youth activist Xiuhtezcatl Martinez. With a focus on training and empowering youth, they wish to create leaders in the intersections of climate and environmental justice. Some of their campaigns and frontline actions include strikes, rallies, and nonviolent civil disobedience in the divestment movement, for plastic bag bans, and action against fracking. 

13. Fibershed

Here to develop and support regional fiber systems, Fibershed fosters domestic production of fibers, while building soil and protecting the health of our biosphere. Their programs include education and advocacy, as well as on-the ground efforts to support regional textile economies and climate beneficial agriculture (regenerative cotton and wool). 

14. The Rodale Institute

The Rodale Institute was a pioneer of organic agriculture research and has been paving the way for regenerative organic agriculture and a food system that supports our planet—and doesn’t deplete it. Through research, farmer training, and consumer education, they’re working to grow the organic movement and contribute to farming systems that produce more with less of an impact—all while withstanding the pressures of climate change. 

15. Environmental Defense Fund

The Environmental Defense Fund is a non-profit advocacy group that uses science and economic based strategies and partnerships to address a range of issues around five key areas: climate, energy, ecosystems, oceans, and health. Thanks to their efforts, they’ve protected four million acres and 63 rare species, saved $1.6 billion in energy costs for top companies, and partnered with 28 countries to solve critical environmental problems. 

Consider Supporting These Environmental Non-Profits

Not only can you contribute to a greener future by purchasing eco-friendly and zero waste essentials from Green Eco Dream, but you can take your environmentalism further by supporting one of these organizations that help the environment. Together, we can help these environmental non-profits achieve their goals and contribute to a better world for all of us.

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