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Cruelty-Free Beauty: Building a Sustainable Skincare Routine

Cruelty-Free Beauty: Building a Sustainable Skincare Routine

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Do you struggle to find effective skincare products that are also sustainable? Throw cruelty-free into that mix, and you might have a difficult search on your hands. In a sea full of chemical-filled products that make falsely sustainable claims, we’ve done our best to curate the highest quality cruelty-free beauty and skincare.

Read on the learn more about creating a luxurious and sustainable skincare routine that pampers our skin and helps protect animals while doing it! Our choices can make a positive impact. 

What is Cruelty-Free Beauty? 

Cruelty-free beauty means using products that have not been tested on animals. Some companies perform tests on animals like rabbits, mice, and guinea pigs to check if their skincare and makeup products are safe for humans to use. However, many people believe that it is wrong to make animals suffer for our beauty needs. That's why we choose cruelty-free products that are made without harming any animals.

Animal testing can be a sad and painful process for the animals involved. They may experience discomfort, skin irritation, or even serious injuries from the tests. Imagine if someone put chemicals on your skin or in your eyes just to see if it would hurt you. It wouldn't feel nice, right? When we have the power to choose cruelty-free beauty products, it’s definitely worthwhile.

Why Support Sustainable and Cruelty-Free Brands? 

Who doesn’t enjoy a clear conscience during their morning routine? Sustainable skincare products can help us feel better about our choices as consumers, while also being better for our skin. These products typically include less harmful and harsh ingredients that can damage the natural skin barrier. All natural and gentle ingredients are especially great for those with sensitive skin, as they tend to cause less irritation. 

Supporting sustainable and cruelty-free brands is also essential because it shows kindness towards animals and helps protect our planet. When we choose these brands, we are making a positive impact on animal welfare. By using products that are not tested on animals, we contribute to a world where animals are treated with respect and care. It's like giving a helping hand to our furry friends, ensuring they don't suffer for the sake of our beauty.

But it's not just about animals; supporting sustainable brands also benefits the environment. These brands use eco-friendly practices, like using packaging that can be recycled and reducing their use of water and energy. By supporting them, we are making the world a better place by demonstrating our support for better industry practices. Together, we can make a difference by making conscious choices. 

Creating a Cruelty-Free Skincare Routine

1. Remove Makeup Gently 

Makeup Remover Set 

Calling all makeup wearers! Taking off your makeup doesn’t have to be irritating and wasteful. When removing your makeup, use a gentle makeup remover that doesn't harm the animals. Look for ones made with natural ingredients like coconut oil or micellar water. Be sure to use sustainable makeup removal products that aren't creating more waste for our landfills. You can find plenty of options in the skincare section of our site.

2. Cleanse and Refresh

Gentle Facial Cleanser

After removing your makeup, wash your face with a gentle cleanser. Look for products labeled "cruelty-free" or that display the certified bunny logo. These symbols indicate that the products were made without harming any animals. Rinse your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry with a soft towel.

The concentrated and gentle Cleanse+ by Jack Henry has the power to clean your face, body, hands, and hair. It’s designed to feed your skin with healthy microbes to address dryness, acne, eczema, inflammation, redness, and other skin concerns – while remaining cruelty-free, of course! This cleanser will leave your skin improved in texture and elasticity with its rich blend of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes.

Feeling like your hands aren’t enough to truly cleanse your face? Experience the perfect cleansing with this cruelty-free and vegan charcoal sponge that is gentle on your skin, leaving no scratching or irritation. The charcoal in the sponge effectively draws out impurities and gently removes dirt and toxins from your pores, making it ideal for daily use and particularly beneficial for acne-prone skin.

3. Hydrate and Nourish

Mermaid Milk Moisturizer

Apply a cruelty-free moisturizer suitable for your skin type. Moisturizers keep your skin hydrated and prevent dryness. Look for products with natural ingredients like shea butter or aloe vera, which are suitable for your skin and the environment. Gently massage the moisturizer into your face and neck using upward motions.

If you’re looking for a new skin cream, we recommend Earth Harbor’s Mermaid Milk Moisturizer. It's formulated without synthetics, it's organic, fair trade, and non-toxic. It’s also made entirely from plant-based ingredients, all in the United States.

But that's not all! Mermaid Milk is like a superhero for your skin. It's filled with powerful ingredients like spirulina and matcha, which are superfoods for your skin. It also has special ingredients called phytonutrients, antioxidants, and hyaluronic acid that work together to give your skin the perfect amount of moisture. They also help to soothe and nourish your skin, making it look and feel its best. 

Don’t forget to moisturize your lips, too! These cruelty-free lip balms are slightly tinted to add a natural flush of color to your skin, along with lasting hydration.

4. Protect with Sunscreen

Raw Elements Sunscreen

Using sunscreen is crucial to protect your skin from harmful UV rays. Protecting your skin from the sun can prevent skin cancer and wrinkles as you age. Look for a cruelty-free sunscreen with a high SPF factor. Apply it generously to your face, neck, and any other exposed areas of skin. Remember to reapply if you spend a lot of time outside, especially on sunny days!

Our favorite cruelty-free sunscreen is the SPF 30 Face+Body Raw Elements sunscreen! It's gentle, moisturizing, and made with organic and natural ingredients. This special sunscreen provides broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UVB rays, ensuring that your skin stays shielded from the sun's harmful effects. You can enjoy the sunshine while taking care of your skin and the environment at the same time.

Discover the benefits of using a natural sunscreen that keeps your skin safe without any harmful chemicals, toxins, or excess plastic waste found in regular sunscreens. Plus, this one can be used on your face and body!

5. Special Treatments

Dry Skin Essentials Set 

If you have specific skin concerns, such as acne or dryness, you can include additional products in your routine. Look for cruelty-free serums, face masks, or spot treatments that address your unique needs. These products can provide extra nourishment and care for your skin.

Maybe you feel your skin is in need of a little extra exfoliation. In that case, check out this coffee face scrub formulated with rosehip oil and shea butter to cleanse and smooth. Not only is it cruelty-free, but it’s also made with 99% natural ingredients. 

Or maybe, your skin is seeking extra hydration! This Activist Rejuvenating Serums Set comes with a Botanical Cleansing Oil, a Vitamin C + Antioxidant Serum, and a Precious Oils Serum. All three products are vegan and cruelty-free, made with sustainably-sourced ingredients. This set will provide an extra boost of all-natural hydration for your skin when you need it!

On the way to make a positive impact!

You are now on your way to building a cruelty-free and sustainable skincare routine. Remember, with every sustainable brand you support, you are making a positive impact by choosing products that are kind to animals and the environment. Aligning your ethics and values with your purchases is always a great feeling. 

These products also tend to be great for your skin, made without harsh chemicals and artificial ingredients. Sustainable skincare at Green Eco Dream has been created by business owners passionate about improving your skin's health. Even small choices in our skincare can create big changes, for our skin and for our planet. 

As you explore the world of cruelty-free beauty, you'll discover numerous brands that are committed to creating sustainable and ethical products. These brands are eager to reach you with their products, that you can use guilt-free.

Embrace the power of informed choices, and encourage others to join in! Shop today with the code: BLOG10 and save 10% on your order with us!


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