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Earth Harbor

Self-Care Gift Set



This set is all about You and making you feel special!

Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream
Self-Care Gift Set - Green Eco Dream

Earth Harbor

Self-Care Gift Set



This set is all about You and making you feel special!


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This product does not contain any animal ingredients or animal-derived ingredients.
The Leaping Bunny certification has audited every step of a company’s process to ensure that this product is truly 100% cruelty-free.
The people making this product work in safe conditions, protect the environment, build sustainable livelihoods, and have financial benefits to empower and uplift their communities. Fair trade empowers people to make choices for the good of themselves and their community, regardless of gender, status, position in society, or position on the globe.
The label states that this product is made with ingredients that have met all social, ethical and environmental performance factors when selecting suppliers for production.
This product was produced without genetic engineering and its ingredients are not derived from GMOs. Genetically modified organisms can be defined as organisms in which the genetic material (DNA) has been altered in a way that does not occur naturally by mating and/or natural recombination. Their main issues are the potential to provoke allergic reactions, gene transfer and outcrossing.
This product does not contain any chemicals known to be toxic and is safe to use as directed.
This product is Paraben-free! Parabens are chemical preservatives that are commonly used in beauty products to increase shelf life. Through daily use of beauty products, they can accumulate in your body causing hormone imbalance, influence reproductive activity and in some cases can even cause the growth of breast cancer cells. If you are not sure if a product has parabens, methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben are three of the most common paraben ingredients.
This company is a member of 1% for the Planet which is a global movement that inspires businesses and individuals to support environmental solutions through annual membership and everyday actions. Members of 1% for the Planet commit to donating 1% of gross sales each year to the approved nonprofit partners.

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We know how challenging it sometimes is to unplug from the world for a bit - that's why we created this self care gift set to help you start your day off right or end a long one with some much needed "me" time. Give yourself a gentle but powerful boost, soak up the positive vibes and relax your mind, body and spirit!

Set Includes:

 Jade Facial Roller
• Jade Facial Therapy Mask
• Aurora Superfood Luminance Ampoule
• Helios Anti-Pollution Youth Ampoule


Ethically sourced, Plastic Negative, Vegan, PETA and Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty-free, Ethically made, Non-toxic, 91% Organic Ingredients.
100% Non-Gmo, No Synthetics.


Jade Roller and Jade Eye Mask: 100% pure Grade-A Jade Gemstone

Anti-Pollution Youth Ampoule: Grapeseed (Vitis vinifera) Oil°°, Cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) Seed Oil°°, Pomegranate (Punica granatum) Seed Oil°°, Marula (Sclerocarya birrea) Oil°°, Baobab (Adansonia digitata) Seed Oil°°, Pumpkin (Cucurbita pepo) Seed Oil°, Sunflower Vitamin E (Tocopherol)°°, Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Seed Oil°°, Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Seed Oil°, Borage (Borago officinalis) Seed Oil°, Apple (Malus domestica) Fruit Stem Cell Extract°°, Argan (Argania spinosa) Sprout Stem Cell Extract°°, Red Algae (Haematococcus pluvialis) Astaxanthin Extract°, Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis) Peel Oil°, Neroli (Citrus aurantium) Flower Oil°°, Calendula (Calendula officinalis) Flower CO2 Extract°°
° Certified Organic  | °° Non-GMO

Superfood Luminance Ampoule: Grapeseed (Vitis vinifera) Oil°°, Hemp (Cannabis sativa) Seed Oil°, Caprylic/Capric Triglycerides (coconut-derived)°°, Meadowfoam (Limnanthes alba) Seed Oil°°, Jojoba (Simmondsia chinensis) Seed Oil°, Avocado (Persea gratissima) Fruit Oil°°, Seaweed (Ascophyllum nodosum) Extract°, Sunflower Vitamin E (Tocopherol)°°, Sunflower (Helianthus annuus) Seed Oil°°, Neem (Melia azadirachta) Seed Oil°, Rosemary (Rosmarinus officinalis) Leaf Extract°, Sea Buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) Berry Oil°°, Blue Chamomile (Tanacetum vulgare) Flower Oil°°, Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora) Blossom Oil°°, Lavender (Lavandula officinalis) Flower Oil°°
° Certified Organic  | °° Non-GMO

Key Benefits:

Jade Facial Roller: Helps you revitalize blood circulation and reduce puffiness.

Jade Facial Therapy Mask: Helps soothe facial tissue and aid in relaxation. The coolness and heaviness of the Jade helps relieve sinus issues, closes pores and reduces puffiness and wrinkles.

Aurora Superfood Luminance Ampoule: Has the essential nutrients to energize, soothe and make your skin shine. It's ideal for sensitive skin because of its healing properties that reduce flaking, soothe and soften cracked skin, and guard skin from irritants.

Helios Anti-Pollution Youth Ampoule: Increases moisture retention, elasticity, and promotes skin smoothness decreasing fine lines and wrinkles. This ampoule also has anti-aging phytonutrients to your skin.


Aurora Superfood Luminance Ampoule: best used after cleansing and toning. Apply two drops and massage in with Jade Roller.

Helios Anti-Pollution Youth Ampoule: uses the same process as Luminance Ampoule. Alternate these two based on your skin needs and how you feel. 

Jade Roller: place the large end of the Jade roller on your chin, apply medium pressure and roll it towards your ear. Repeat in the same spot five to six times and then move to the opposite.

Jade Facial Therapy Mask: place the cool mask over your eyes and upper cheekbones. Take full, deep breaths as the weight of the stone releases facial tension. Leave it on and relax. Then, flip the mask upside down and place it on the bottom of your face for a pacifying chin, lower cheek, and lip area mask.


Jade Roller and Jade Facial Mask: Responsibly made in China.
Youth and Luminance Ampoule: Made in USA

Made by: Earth Harbor


The jade rocks are 100% from nature and can be returned to nature.
The glass bottles are recyclable.


Comes packaged plastic-free.
Ships plastic-free in recycled and recyclable packaging.
This Set is not eligible for returns due to sanitary reasons.

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