Saalt Menstrual Cup - Duo Pack | Green Eco Dream.
Saalt Menstrual Cup - Duo Pack | Green Eco Dream.
Saalt Menstrual Cup - Duo Pack | Green Eco Dream.
Saalt Menstrual Cup - Duo Pack | Green Eco Dream.


Saalt Menstrual Cup - Duo Pack


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The Saalt Duo Pack is perfect if you have a flow or cervix height that varies more throughout your period. It includes both sizes to ensure full coverage from your lightest to your heaviest days.

The reusable soft silicone cup is worn internally like a tampon, but collects, rather than absorbs, your period. It stays in place by creating a seal between the cup and your vaginal wall. Once your cup is filled, you simply empty, rinse and reinsert the cup for another 12 hours of protection!

How is it kind to Earth?

Helps reduce single-use pads, tampons and liners.
No BPA. No latex. No chemicals. FDA registered and compliant.
Vegan and cruelty-free. Better for your body and the environment!

100% medical grade silicone


Small: 41 mm (2 to 3 tampons capacity)
Regular: 46 mm (3 to 4 tampons capacity)

 How to use it?

To insert a Saalt cup, you must fold it first. Give different folds a try, making sure to hold the fold tightly during insertion. The three most popular folds are the C Fold, Punch Down Fold and the 7-Fold. Give them each a try and see which one works best for you.

Saalt Cup will fit comfortably inside your vaginal canal and stay in place when a seal is formed between the outside of the cup and the walls of your vagina. You can use water as a natural lubricant. Please do not use any oil based lubricants, as they may degrade the silicone over time.

How can you take care of it?

See “Before first use” instructions for how to clean your cup right out of the box. During your cycle, remove the cup, always using clean hands and rinse first using cold water to help avoid discoloration and odor. Then wash using warm water and mild soap. Rinse again to completely remove any soap. Your Cup is then ready to reinsert.

To sanitize your cup, place it in a boiling pot for 4-5 minutes and not more then 7 minutes.

 Alternative to:

disposable pads with plastic packaging

End of Life: 

Once burned, the ash of silicone can be composted

  Packaging and shipping:

Packaged in plastic-free recyclable cardboard.
Ships plastic-free in recyclable packaging.


This item is not eligible for returns due to sanitary reasons.

Country of Origin: USA

 Made by: Saalt



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