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Last Object

Reusable Beauty Swab

Reusable Beauty Swab | Green Eco Dream.
Reusable Beauty Swab | Green Eco Dream.
Reusable Beauty Swab | Green Eco Dream.
Reusable Beauty Swab | Green Eco Dream.
Reusable Beauty Swab | Green Eco Dream.
Reusable Beauty Swab | Green Eco Dream.
Reusable Beauty Swab | Green Eco Dream.

Last Object

Reusable Beauty Swab


Be mindful with your makeup touch-ups!

100% Plastic-free shipping guaranteed
This product is made with recycled plastic. Using recycled plastic for making new products reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, lowers the amount of extracted natural resources, diverts plastic from the environment and reduces waste.
This product is made in an ethical way, meaning that workers have been paid fair wage and have good working conditions.
The packaging of the product can be reused or recycled. Contact your local recycling facility for more guidelines.
This label refers to companies or products that contribute to green living or practices that help conserve resources like water, energy and reduce air, water and land pollution.

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It is estimated that almost 25 billion disposable swabs are made and thrown away each year in the US only.
But there is a better way! This reusable and durable swab is tested to withhold up to 1000 uses!
Use this Beauty Last Swab for makeup touch-ups and cleaning tight spaces.
Made from TPE and encased with stylish corn based PLA so you can use it on the go!


Helps reduce harmful waste from the environment.
Tested to replace up to 1000 disposable swabs!



Case: Certified Recycled Ocean-bound Plastic
Buds: Medical-grade TPE type 30A
Rod: nylon with 50% fiberglass

Care Instructions:

Wash with soap and warm water.

Alternative to:

Disposable swabs


Ethically produced in Denmark and China.

Made by: Last Object


Swab is compostable.
PLA case is biodegradable.


Packaged in paper box.
Ships plastic-free in recycled and recyclable packaging.
This item is not eligible for returns due to sanitary reasons.

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