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Fat and the Moon

Organic Body Oil in Clary Sage


The power of skin superfood that keeps it healthy and happy!

Organic Body Oil in Clary Sage - Green Eco Dream
Organic Body Oil in Clary Sage - Green Eco Dream
Organic Body Oil in Clary Sage - Green Eco Dream
Organic Body Oil in Clary Sage - Green Eco Dream

Fat and the Moon

Organic Body Oil in Clary Sage


The power of skin superfood that keeps it healthy and happy!

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This product does not contain any chemical pesticides and fertilizers that can be harmful to the environment and are not used in any stage of growing organic ingredients and materials. Farm workers have not been exposed to the hazardous environment, and the end product is much safer to use.
The label states that this product is made with ingredients that have met all social, ethical and environmental performance factors when selecting suppliers for production.
This product is Paraben-free! Parabens are chemical preservatives that are commonly used in beauty products to increase shelf life. Through daily use of beauty products, they can accumulate in your body causing hormone imbalance, influence reproductive activity and in some cases can even cause the growth of breast cancer cells. If you are not sure if a product has parabens, methylparaben, propylparaben, and butylparaben are three of the most common paraben ingredients.
This product is made by hand. Handmade products are made with a personal touch. Buying handmade means supporting small businesses and local communities.
The label indicates that no plastic has been used in manufacturing or packaging of this product. Plastic-free products help reduce plastic waste and have a smaller footprint on the environment.
This product meets the “all or virtually all” Made in USA standard! Products made in the US are produced in a way that meets strict safety and labor standards. Buying locally made products helps reduce harmful emissions from transportation.

If you are looking for a perfect body oil for massage than this heavenly potion by Fat and the Moon is what you are looking for. Nothing beets the feeling of putting a body oil on your damp skin after a hot shower and going smoothly through it with your fingers.
But this Organic Body Oil is so much more! It will protect your skin and make it healthy and happy!

Featuring jojoba oil to give the necessary moisture and rosehip seed oil to feed the skin with vitamins A, C and E it's a natural blend your skin will fall in love with. 
To top it of, it's full of clary sage essential oil with a natural scent that will make you feel like you are somewhere deep in the damp woods. 


Clean non-toxic ingredients
No parabens, sulfates or phthalates
Handmade and Ethically crafted



Apricot Kernel Oil (prunus armeniaca)*, Jojoba Oil (simmondsia chinensis)*, Rosehip seed Oil (rosa moschata)*, Essential oil of Clary Sage (salvia sclarea)*.

Size: 4 oz


For best results, apply a couple of squirts of oil after bathing, while your skin is still damp. This allows the oil to trap in the moisture that keeps your skin hydrated. For massage, apply liberally and think sweet thoughts.

Alternative to:

Body oils made with synthetic ingredients packaged in plastic.

Origin: USA (California)

Made by: Fat and the Moon


The glass bottle and plastic pump are 100% recyclable.


Ships plastic-free in recycled and recyclable packaging.
This item is not eligible for returns due to sanitary reasons. 

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