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  • Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral

    Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral




Terra Thread is on a mission to lead a transformation in organic cotton farming, and give consumers better, more planet-friendly choices for everyday essentials.


Father-daughter duo Vik and Vizan Giri coupled Vizan’s passion for environmental and social justice with Vik’s business expertise. Together, they would draw upon their Nepalese heritage and the need for sustainably produced bags and backpacks to found Terra Thread. 

Nearly all bags and backpacks on the market were made of synthetic fabrics: nylon, polyester, and other plastic-based materials. Using 100% organic cotton canvas, it was easy for Terra Thread to stand out in the crowd. But every time someone throws on a Terra Thread backpack or fills up one of their duffel bags, it’s so much more than just sustainable materials. 

As someone familiar with food insecurity himself, the issue is of great importance toTerra Thread co-founder Vik. To help bag up some of the hunger that more than 46 million Americans face on a daily basis, Terra Thread is part of Feeding America’s campaign. Through this partnership, $1 from every purchase of a Terra Thread bag supports Feeding America—which, so far, has translated to more than 1.5 million donated meals. 


Although Terra Threads are affordable and accessible, they go above and beyond in terms of sustainability. Each bag is made with organic cotton that is both GOTS and Fairtrade certified. The cotton is sourced from small cooperatives in India, from farmers who don’t use chemical-based pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers.

As Fairtrade cotton, the farmers receive higher-than-market prices for their crops. They also receive a Fairtrade Premium, which is additional money that can be used to fund community health, education, agriculture, and business development projects.  

The Fairtrade and GOTS certified cotton is manufactured in a Fair Trade Certified factory in India. All workers are guaranteed safe working conditions, fair pay, and a Fair Trade Premium that can be used to fund childcare facilities, bicycles for workers, health insurance policies, and more. 

In addition to supporting Feeding America, Terra Thread’s parent company—Gallant International—is also a Certified B Corporation.