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People-Friendly Ingredients * Planet-Friendly Packaging

Clean your conscience and your home with Meliora's eco-friendly cleaning products!


Laundry detergents, home cleansers, and soap bars are just a few of the cleaning solutions that Meliora Cleaning Products makes that are both eco-friendly and human-friendly. Kate Jakubas and Mike Mayer launched the business in 2013 after becoming motivated to develop safer, more environmentally-friendly substitutes for traditional cleaning solutions. Their West Side of Chicago manufacturing facility is responsible for everything, from producing soap to packing finished goods. 

The components in Meliora's products are straightforward and secure, and they don't contain any harsh chemicals, artificial perfumes, or other possibly dangerous additives. The business also strongly emphasizes transparency and sustainability in how it conducts business, employing plastic-free packaging and giving a portion of its income to charitable organizations that support the environment and the community.

Meliora Cleaning Products has developed a reputation for its dedication to social and environmental responsibility, and its products are now well-liked by customers who place a high value on sustainability and good health.

Better Cleaning, Better World is Meliora's motto and belief. This company's purpose is to develop cleaning solutions that are safer and more sustainable for both people and the environment, which is reflected in its motto. Meliora aims to benefit the world through its operations and products by using straightforward and secure ingredients, cutting down on waste and emissions, and supporting social and environmental concerns.

By gaining an awareness of each stage their product goes through, they assess its effect on the surrounding environment and, as a result, can eliminate waste that isn't essential along the way. Their dedication is truly an inspiration to sustainable living! 


Meliora is a business dedicated to creating eco-friendly cleaning products. One of the company's main focuses is utilizing sustainable and safe ingredients. Instead of harsh chemicals harming the environment and humans, Meliora uses plant-based surfactants and mineral-based cleaning agents. This ensures that their products are effective at cleaning and safe for both the user and the environment.

In addition to utilizing sustainable ingredients, Meliora is also committed to lowering waste and emissions. The company packages its items without the use of plastic, which reduces waste and pollution.

Meliora is a recognized B Corp member of 1% for the Planet, meeting strict social and environmental performance criteria. Furthermore, a percentage of the business's profits is donated to social and environmental causes, such as the Surfrider Foundation and the Chicago Period Project. By sourcing its supplies and packaging components from US-based vendors, Meliora also supports local communities.

Meliora's dedication to advancing social and environmental causes extends beyond its own contributions. The business actively supports organizations that work to address these concerns. Through its partnership with the Surfrider Foundation and the Chicago Period Project, Meliora helps to provide period hygiene supplies to those in need.

Meliora believes in consumer education and provides information and instructional resources on its website and social media platforms to assist consumers in making informed decisions regarding cleaning products and their environmental and health effects. The company's commitment to sustainability, social responsibility, and consumer education makes it a leading example of a business committed to making a positive impact.