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    Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral



A minimalist approach to skincare

Lumi Basics are on the mission to create pure, natural and sustainable personal care products that you can feel good about using.


These days more and more people care about what they put on their bodies, what goes into their everyday personal care products and how they take care of themselves in general.

Rachel and Brittani met while working for a Health & Wellness driven company where they shared their obsession for natural skincare and wellness. It wasn’t just an obsession, they dreamed of having their own business where they would offer their eco-friendly skin care products which they were testing and using for years.

Two of them knew they could do so much better than some companies portraying themselves to be “eco-friendly” and “sustainable” when in reality behind the scenes being a little different. They just didn’t know where to start.

There is an old saying that goes “When one door closes, another one opens” which can relate to what happened with the two of them. They were both suddenly let go from their job the same exact day and closing that chapter was when they decided it was time for Lumi Basics to be born! They never looked back!


Green movement and conscious consumers are on the rise and many companies are trying to market themselves as sustainable and eco-friendly to catch the attention of those consumers, all while not being completely honest about it.

Rachel and Brittani at Lumi Basics have seen some greenwashing first hand and wanted to be better than that!

Oftentimes the simple things are the best way to go about it. Lumi Basic shares that minimalist approach when it comes to personal care. They focus on being simple but effective and their vision is that personal care should always be pure, natural and eco-friendly.

They pride themselves with transparency and that’s the starting point for everything they do, putting you and the environment in the first place!

Ingredients they put in their products are natural, organic, carefully chosen and there are no preservatives, fillers, sulfates, phthalates, fragrances, or any other harmful ingredients. 

Packaging is crafted to be eco-friendly and that’s where they are trying to reduce their footprint to minimal by skipping individual product boxes and housing their products in glass containers.

When possible, they reuse shipping materials and offer refill and “label free” programs to make their product offerings truly zero waste.