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  • Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral

    Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral



Healthy for People & the Planet

ECOlunchbox was born of the idea that change can begin at lunchtime.


Sandra Harris is a mother of two school-age children and her usual daily routine was packing lunch for them.

Her major concern was that she was relying too much on disposable plastic which is petroleum based questioning it from a common sense perspective. She thought to herself “how healthy can it be to put our food in all those baggies and containers that are made of petroleum based plastic”? Her kid’s lunchtime routine needed to change!

Sandra wanted to eliminate plastics from her kids' lunchboxes to reduce their exposure to the leachy toxins, like BPA and phthalates, commonly found in such products. That is how ECO Lunch Box was born! Sandra set out to design a plastic-free line of bento lunch boxes, bags and food-to-go accessories that are healthy for people and the planet.

Since it was founded ECOlunchbox has grown beyond her initial vision and the company sold over 800,000 boxes so far contributing to reduction of tens of millions pieces of trash!


ECOlunchbox has so far averted tens of millions pieces of trash from landfills and oceans!

That is a pretty green fact if you ask us! ECOlunchbox is offering plastic-free, non-toxic products safe for people and the planet so you don’t have to worry about plastic, lead and vinyl.

Their stainless steel lunch boxes are responsibly made in India, Thailand and China from high quality, food-grade stainless steel in factories which ensure that labor practices are fair, safe and equitable for the people involved in making the products.

The company takes an extra step by measuring their impact with the help of a team of MBA students from the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco. They were able to calculate that without ECO lunch boxes more than 47 million pounds of trash would be generated every year!

ECOlunchbox is a Certified B Corporation and as such is a for-profit company that uses the power of business to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

They are also Certified California Green Business which means that they exceed all environmental regulations, and implement specific practices to reduce pollution, save water, conserve energy, and protect human health.