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Say goodbye to microfiber plastic!


Rachel Miller grew up in upstate New York, surrounded by lakes, rivers and the ocean. In that kind of environment it was only natural for her to develop a deep love for everything water.

Ever since she was eight, every time she would sail, there would be trash in the water, up until today. Seeing all this made her realize how large the problems were that the ocean is facing. This is why she decided to found the Rozalia Project which is dedicated to cleaning up and protecting the ocean.

There is one more thing that was born out of the work on the water and that is Cora Ball, the first-ever microfiber catching laundry ball. Inspired by the corals and the way they clean the ocean, Cora Ball was created to help resolve a problem that everyone who wears and washes clothes is a part of and that is microfiber pollution.

Just like the corals, Cora Ball allows water to flow, catching the small pieces of microfibers from that flow. Simply throw it in the washing machine and let it do the work! Once the laundry is done, you clean Cora the same way you clean your brush, picking out the bits of fuzz and throwing them in the trash.


Cora Ball estimated that if 10% of US households used Cora we could keep the plastic equivalent of over 30 million water bottles out of our waters. That is a Big, Big impact for a clean ocean!

Cora Ball keeps microfibers out of the waterways, oceans and of course, our dinner plates. Use of the ball helps prevent air pollution and keeps your clothes from breaking up. It is made with 100% recycled plastic which would otherwise end up in our landfills.

Cora Ball is an effective solution to microfiber pollution. This was proven with two independent testings by Dr. Chelsea Rochman’s lab at the University of Toronto and International Marine Litter Research Unit, School of Biological and Marine Science at University of Plymouth.

The results have shown that Cora prevented 31% and 26% of microfiber pollution and it was proven that it prevents microfiber shedding.