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    Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral




“The CoffeeSock has earned a dedicated fan base thanks to the quality of materials and its ease-to-use design”— ROLLING STONE MAGAZINE


We often say “things happen for a reason”! That might or might not be true, but that saying can be applied to Robert and Corina Guillory and how their dreams came true!

The story starts in Costa Rica back in 2004. during one of their trips where they bought Chorreador, aka 'coffee sock'. Nothing special about that, right? Oh, you would be so wrong! Fast forward to 2011. just another beautiful morning, perfect for a cup of coffee! That was until the Guillory family found out they ran out of Chemex coffee filters. It was in that moment that Chorreador comes back to memory as an inspiration which gave birth to Coffee Sock. 

Like most of the family businesses they started small. Very soon after, they started getting a lot of attention and excitement, so the family decided to focus on building a brand. It started only with pour over design and now you can find Coffee Sock for whatever brewing style you like.


A company that makes one of our favorite daily rituals, morning coffee, more sustainable! Who can just stay immune to that? One pack of Coffee Sock filters will replace up to 500 disposable coffee filters and reduce a significant amount of waste!

Each and every filter they make is handcrafted in Austin, Texas and is made with GOTS Certified organic cotton. This certification ensures that no toxic bleaches, dyes or other chemicals have been used in any stage of production. It also ensures a safe working environment. Production of organic cotton also requires far less water usage than conventional cotton.

What is also great about Coffee Sock is the fact that they are very economical and in average cost 75% less than premium paper filters. Another fact that is very important to mention is their packaging which is plastic-free.

Coffee Sock is a member of 1% For the Planet through which they support various environmental projects! They are also official partners of Food for Farmers through which they support effective long-term solutions to food insecurity that provide for income diversification, support adaptation to climate change, build gender equity, and improve livelihoods.