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About Us

About Us



I love nature and everything about it! In fact I do not think there is a single person on Earth that is not fascinated by at least some aspects of it. And yet, we do not appreciate it the way we should!

Up until four years ago, I was totally oblivious of the impact plastic has on our environment and our lives. Yes, guilty as charged! For me, plastic was just something very convenient to use and made our everyday life a little easier. Sustainability was just another word that I would occasionally hear in a random conversation that did not really catch my attention. Beyond that I just did not know. I have come a long way since those times!

Learning about pollution, global warming, climate change and how our consumerism is affecting all of it, made me realize that I needed to change and so I started! Bike ride to the local grocery store with two reusable produce bags in my pockets was my new thing. Straw at a restaurant was not an option anymore, nor was a single-use plastic bag at a store. I incorporated all of the little things in my daily routine, but there was so much more I felt I could do.

The biggest challenge I found was the lack of accessibility of good sustainable alternatives. Plastic is simply everywhere and not enough people know about the negative impact on our planet! Eight million metric tons of plastic waste are ending up in our oceans every year. It is killing fish, sea turtles, whales, birds and much more. Our landfills are already full of waste and we just keep adding more. We need to know better, we need to do better. That is why I have created Green Eco Dream - to bring more awareness and to offer the best sustainable alternatives all in one place.

We make sustainable shopping easy, convenient and fun while keeping our environment, planet and future in mind. Sustainable shopping means recognizing that everything we buy has a health, environmental and social impact. It is our hope that this way of shopping will be the new normal, a more conscious way of thinking, a healthier lifestyle. There are many of us speaking about these issues on different levels and our voices are getting louder!




Changes can often be quite challenging and often times we choose to stay within our comfort zone. It takes a lot of courage to make big decisions and big changes.

Support from our loved ones, our family and friends is essential in taking the big steps and making our dream real. We created Green Eco Dream as a place where planet lovers can join us on our journey to make our planet a better place than it was yesterday. We want to help sustainable shopping grow by offering high quality and reliable products that will have positive impact on our lifestyle and our environment! We want to take part in spreading environmental awareness and support Eco-friendly lifestyle. Our mission is to encourage people to be part of the change!

Let us be a family that supports and encourages each other to make better decisions. Together we can accomplish so much!
Welcome to Green Eco Dream!




We provide plastic-free shipping with recyclable material, reducing our carbon-footprint as much as we can! When receiving your green goodie, rethink and try to reuse your paper box or mailer. Much more needs to be done and we can only do it together. We can all do our part!

So let's do it!




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