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Refined and Sustainable Women's Essentials

Well Kept brings everything you need for a sustainable shaving ritual & more!


In 2015, Natalie Farrell and Emilie Johnson formed the business that powers the website, which goes by the name of Well Kept. Their story starts like many others – a desire for a product that they just couldn't find – but has evolved to mean so much more.

After using disposable razors and realizing how wasteful and damaging they were to the environment, Natalie came up with the concept of Well Kept. She started investigating safety razors in order to develop a more environmentally friendly solution for ladies. Because of the popularity of disposable razors in recent years, she learned that safety razors, which had been widely used for many years, were no longer in use.

Together, Natalie and Emilie conceptualized Well Kept, a business that sells a variety of feminine grooming and personal care items. The company's safety razor, which is made to be reusable and environmentally friendly, is its main offering. Shaving brushes, shaving soap, and after-shave tonics are among the additional grooming supplies that Well Kept sells.

Well Kept has increased in popularity and broadened its product offering since its establishment. The New York Times and Forbes have also written about the company. Through its products and mission, Well Kept is still working to spread sustainable and environmentally friendly grooming methods.


When Well Kept says, "Clean Shave, Clean Earth," they truly mean it! The company's dedication to sustainability and environmental friendliness is shown in everything that they do. Their passion for a cleaner planet urges clients to use more environmentally friendly grooming techniques. Well Kept seeks to lessen the waste produced by disposable razors and other grooming items by promoting the use of reusable safety razors and other environmentally friendly grooming products. Ultimately, "Clean Shave, Clean Planet" conveys the company's principles and objectives in an easy-to-remember manner.

Reusable safety razors made by the company, along with other grooming supplies, assist in cutting down on waste produced by disposable razors and other grooming supplies, which can have a big impact on the environment. Due to their intended single-use and subsequent disposal, disposable razors are a substantial source of plastic waste. A large portion of the problem of global plastic pollution, according to some estimates, is caused by the annual disposal of billions of disposable razors. However, safety razors are far more environmentally friendly because they may be used repeatedly and are made to last for many years.

Well Kept is assisting in lowering the amount of trash produced by the grooming business by advocating the use of safety razors and other environmentally friendly grooming products. Further lowering their environmental effect, the company uses high-quality, sustainable materials to produce their goods, like bamboo and stainless steel.

Well Kept is helping the environment by promoting environmentally responsible grooming techniques and providing high-quality, reusable grooming supplies that are made to last for years.

So, ladies, start shaving — the eco-friendly way!