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Three Bluebirds strives to make sustainability beautiful, playful, and simple – to make an earth-friendly lifestyle accessible for all.


Three Bluebirds, symbols of joy, dancing and a love story of two lovebirds, Lasse and Lynda. Lasse grew up in Helsinki, spending his childhood summers in the countryside, doing what he loved the most, drawing beautiful birds that he would spot in the trees (which will later turn out to be one of the key components of their successful business).

After finishing his studies, Lasse’s engineering work with a construction group would send him across the globe and the road finally lead him to Japan.

Lynda was born in Seattle, but she spent her early years in California, where she received her degree in Asian Studies. A few weeks after graduating, Lynda found herself in Tokyo, Japan, on an adventure that would last a lifetime. 

Two lovebirds met one evening under the towering peak of Mt. Fuji, while attending a traditional Japanese ceremony for the opening of a tennis club. It took them a total of nine days spent together to fall in love and get engaged.

After getting married in 1988 they saw their future in the USA and two years later, their twin daughters, Maija and Amy, were born.

Their entrepreneurial spirit was leaning towards introducing Scandinavian products to American markets. And the Three Bluebirds story is about one Scandinavian invention in particular: the Swedish Dishcloth.

When Lynda first learned about Swedish Dishcloths, she was eager to introduce the invention to the market in the United States, but they wanted to do it the right way. They had to import the material from Europe since the patented Swedish Dishcloth was only made there. However, designing and printing was done in their home state, Connecticut.

Remember how we told you Lasse loved drawing in his childhood? Well they decided to apply his designs and inspirations to the Swedish Dishcloth and make it unique. And the name? Lynda found symbolism in bluebirds that Lasse loved so much. They represented joy, dancing, love and Lynda has three of them in her life: Lasse, Maija and Amy!


Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloth is a true advocate of sustainable way of life. They are committed to protecting and maintaining our Earth, from it’s forests to it’s wetlands and each purchase supports this mission.

Three Bluebirds Swedish Dishcloths are made of 70% sustainably forested wood cellulose and 30% organic cotton and the material is certified by international regulatory organizations to ensure a positive environmental impact.The material combines wood pulp (from Forest Stewardship Council certified forests) with organic cotton that is free from harmful chemicals (GOTS and OEKO-TEX Standard certified). Their products are 100% natural, biodegradable and are screen printed with water-based inks.

Three Bluebirds also give back. Through partnership with 1% For The Planet, 20 gallons of water is restored to the Earth for every dishcloth purchased! Not including the additional water and resources saved from avoiding disposable products.

They are also currently partnered with the Lower San Pedro River Habitat Restoration Project and Sacramento River Wetland Flow Restoration Project.