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Helping People Switch to a Truly Non-Toxic Lifestyle

No Tox Life brings you vegan bath, body, and home cleaning products under one roof.


The idea behind No Tox Life was to create practical vegan body and home care products that would help people live healthier, more environmentally conscious lifestyles. In 2014, Sandee Ferman launched this community-based company, selling products crafted with ingredients of the highest possible quality and efficiency. 

After having severe allergic responses to popular personal care and home goods, Sandee Ferman decided it was high time to take matters into her own hands. She came to the conclusion that safer, healthier substitutes were required, ones that could be utilized by everyone, even those with allergies and sensitivity issues.

No Tox Life began as a modest online shop selling a few things. The business has developed and broadened its product offering over time, and it currently provides a huge selection of toxic-free and eco-friendly goods, including kitchen necessities, personal care items, and cleaning supplies.

Callie Milford, Sandee's daughter, is the co-founder of No Tox Life as well as the creative director of the company. Along with Sandee, she is responsible for designing and formulating new goods, directing the brand's image, and handling sales to the hundreds of independent grocery stores, zero-waste retailers, and lifestyle stores that sell the line. 

With a loyal client base that appreciates its dedication to sustainability and toxin-free living, No Tox Life is now a proud partner of Green Eco Dream. To build a better and healthier world for everyone, the company keeps innovating and expanding its line of products.

"Clean, Green, and Non-Toxic Lifestyle" is what they say! This company's goal to promote a healthier, more sustainable way of life by providing environmentally friendly and non-toxic products is reflected in its motto. They encourage their customers to make thoughtful decisions that are good for both the environment and their own well-being. 


There are numerous ways that No Tox Life has an influence. By providing eco-friendly and non-toxic items, the company encourages a more sustainable way of life. The environmental effect of daily life is lessened by using these products because they are non-toxic, created from sustainable and natural resources, and free of dangerous chemicals.

No Tox Life allows its shoppers to make knowledgeable decisions regarding the items they use by educating and enlightening them. The business offers information on the risks associated with using toxic items as well as the advantages of adopting non-toxic substitutes. No Tox Life assists customers in making wiser decisions that are healthier for their health and the environment by educating and bringing awareness to these issues.

This company is dedicated to supporting the community and helping humanitarian organizations. They distribute some of their earnings to groups supporting environmental protection, social justice, and sustainability.

By encouraging healthy, non-toxic living, giving customers the information they need to make wise decisions, and supporting environmentally and socially responsible charities, No Tox Life is a company worth supporting!