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  • Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral

    Plastic-free & Carbon Neutral




On a mission to inspire a movement away from single-use plastic.


It was just another day for Nora, Jay, Ward, and Dion, four friends sharing thoughts during their meetup. What they found during the meetup was that they shared the same frustrations about plastic. More importantly, they realized that all four of them wanted to eliminate it from their lives and so they started.

The journey had its challenges and one thing they all really troubled with was hair care. Knowing that half a billion shampoo and conditioner bottles get tossed every year in the USA, they thought to themselves: “How about salon quality shampoos and conditioners that are actually plastic-free and made with clean, natural ingredients”?

That’s exactly what they did! It took them three years to formulate and bring HiBAR to life! The awesome part about their story is how they choose the shape of their bars which stands out so much!

They found inspiration in nature, of course! On the North Shore of Lake Superior, they found some river rocks and realized that they held the answer. Smooth, connected to water, and when you pick up that perfect rock, it just feet right. And they were right! Now we get to enjoy these amazing bars all while getting salon-quality hair care and reducing plastic!


At HiBAR, they don’t like plastic at all! They don’t like the fact that in the USA, half a billion shampoo and conditioner bottles get tossed every year. Their mission is to change that and inspire a movement away from plastic! 

The shampoo and conditioner bars they created are truly game changers!

They are carefully formulated with a purpose to provide high quality hair care with cleanest ingredients all while reducing plastic. Speaking of ingredients, they are especially picky when choosing theirs! It’s not their easiest task to always be able to find safe, quality, sustainable ingredients that also work. But that’s what it takes to get more people to abandon plastic. What they mean by that is absolutely no soaps, sulfates, phthalates, silicones, or parabens.

HiBAR bars have received Leaping Bunny Cruelty-free Certificate which verifies that no animal testing has been done in developing their products.

Being founded with a mission to eliminate plastic from the bathroom meant plastic-free packaging, of course!

All of their packaging is either compostable or easily recyclable or both and each bar comes wrapped in compostable paper to keep it fresh. On top of that, their shipping material is also plastic-free, with no plastic tape or bubbles.