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Sustainability Blogs: 10 Blogs You Should Follow

Sustainability Blogs: 10 Blogs You Should Follow

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Ready to learn about all-things sustainability in a fun, engaging, approachable way? Fortunately, it’s never been easier to do so! The internet is bursting with thousands of unique, expert voices sharing tips and ideas. Here are just some of them, 10 sustainability blogs that you should consider following. 

The 10 Best Sustainability Blogs in 2022

1. Conscious Life & Style

As you could probably assume from the name, Conscious Life & Style is a digital media source that supports readers wanting a more thoughtful lifestyle. Bringing together personal, collective, and planetary wellbeing, the blog is a one-stop-shop for fashion, beauty, home and lifestyle resources. Check out this great resource for Sustainable Amazon Alternatives.

It was founded by Elizabeth Joy and features an all-woman team. If reading isn’t your favorite way to consume information, they also have a podcast with weekly episodes exploring what a sustainable, equitable future for fashion might look like. 

2. Sustainably Chic

Sustainably Chic is all about sustainable fashion and beauty. Natalie, the creator of the blog has a background in fashion, and she has a lot to say about what exactly sustainable fashion is, which brands to support, and more. 

The blog’s sustainable brand directory is a must-read before any shopping trip. It features lists for womenswear, menswear, childrenswear, shoes, home and office, bath and beauty products, cleaning supplies, and so much more. Also you can check out 10 Sustainable & Ethical Marketplaces before making a list for your eco-shopping.

If you are more oriented to health & beauty products, you should check out this Blog post: 11 Organic and Natural Shampoos for Sustainable, Healthy Haircare. And if you are struggling to find sustainable oral care, you will definitely feel more confident after reading this Blog Post.

3. Going Zero Waste

If Kathryn Kellogg sounds familiar, it’s because she probably is! She’s one of the leading experts of the zero waste movement, and helps to bring eco-conscious folks along on the journey with her blog, Going Zero Waste. With topics ranging from skincare and sustainable weddings to relationships and financial wellness, no stone is left unturned. 

Perfect for beginners, it also breaks down zero waste living into a simple step-by-step process. The blog features zero waste recipes for DIY cleaning and beauty products, sustainable fashion tips, and eco-friendly tips for making your home shinethe sustainable way! Check out this blog postBest Housewarming Gifts for a Warming Planet.

4. TreeHugger

Dating back to 2005, TreeHugger was one of the first sustainable living blogs—and it still remains one of the most popular. Going beyond the topic scope of many environmental blogs, in addition to clean beauty, culture, and home and garden categories, it also features news, business and policy information, and some of the science behind our quickly changing climate. 

With 2.6 million monthly users and a recipient of several awards, TreeHugger is a great source of information for both budding environmentalists and hardcore activists. 

5. Zero Waste Home

If you’re familiar with the idea of fitting an entire year’s worth of trash in a single mason jar, you have Bea Johnson to thank. She’s the voice behind Zero Waste Home, and also author of the book with the same title. 

The website features Bea’s five R’s of zero-waste, her recommended products (things like a safety razor, a bamboo dish brush, and dryer balls), a global tool that locates more than 10,000 bulk locations in 100 different countries, and 100 tips for anyone wanting to embody waste-free living.   

6. Sustainable Jungle

Sustainable Jungle is a mission-driven media outlet sharing conservation-related and sustainable stories, ideas, and tips. The large blog features topics like sustainable and ethical fashion, beauty and personal care, home and living, urban gardening, travel, technology, and zero waste living. 

You’d rather listen? They have a podcast, too. Giving back in ways that go beyond giving out valuable information, Sustainable Jungle is also a contributing member of 1% for the Planet!

7. Luci's Morsels

From cooking, home decor, beauty, style to traveling - Luci's Morsels is a sustainable living blog at its truest. Luci - the editor of the blog is a true passionista for sustainable living and she expresses her passion through her blog. She seeks to make a sustainable lifestyle stylish and doable for everyone, especially women!

Whether you are looking for ways to reduce waste, need new ideas for sustainable gifting, clean beauty advice, DIY’s, oral care tips or ways for more conscious traveling, you will find it all and much more.

8. My Plastic Free Life

Beth Terry is the accountant-turned-activist who started a blog (“Fake Plastic Fish”) in 2007 that evolved to what it is today. With more than 750 blog posts, resources for anyone wanting to ditch plastic once and for all is available at their fingertips. 

For beginners, she has a Get Started Here page that breaks plastic-free living down into 100 easy steps. For those craving a little more, the blog has interviews with artists and activists around the world, as well as product reviews, tips and DIY projects, and pieces exploring activism, legislation, and organizations to support. 

9. Old World New

Old World New is an online space all about sustainability and eco-friendly lifestyles, and how someone can become greener at their own pace. The blog’s founder, Addie Fisher, is a thrift fashion lover so many of the blog posts involve secondhand finds. 

Beyond that, expect to find posts about DIY fashion, circular economy practices, how to support Black-owned brands, and how anyone can get started with composting. There are also an abundance of gift guides for any occasion.  

10. Greenify Me

What started as a blog reviewing green beauty products back in 2014 it turned into an all zero waste blog. Ariana Palmieri-the blog founder has a lot of tips and tricks to help zero wasters at any stage of their low waste living. 

The blog has a dedicated page for beginners with easy guides to help you get started. The rest of the blog is split into categories for easy navigation and has everything from zero waste bathroom, kitchen and cleaning to holiday guides and traveling tips. This is a great Blog Post to start withZero Waste Essentials for every area of your Life+Home.

You’ve Explored These Sustainability Blogs: What’s Next?

Once you’ve perused blog posts, you’ll likely want to take steps to further your commitment to a more environmentally-friendly lifestyle. Getting a zero waste kit is an excellent place to start. Once you realize how small swaps can have such a positive impact, consider Green Eco Dream for making your health and beauty routine a little greener and turning your home into an eco-oasis!

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