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Little Seed Farm: Get Obsessed with Your Personal Care

Little Seed Farm: Get Obsessed with Your Personal Care

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Little Seed Farm is a personal care brand that is planting a better future. Not only are they a goat-friendly go-to for sustainable skincare essentials, but every part of their operations gives back to our planet in a big way. So let’s take a virtual trip to Little Seed Farm to see what this family-owned company is all about. 

Little Seed Farm: Having a Big Positive Impact for Our Planet

Little Seed Farm is one of the sustainable brands we’re thrilled to support at Green Eco Dream. Not only do we love their sustainably produced soap and skincare products, but the brand itself truly stands for a better world—just ask their happy goats!

Let’s rewind the clock to see how Little Seed Farm got their start. 

When realizing that New York City wasn’t an ideal place to get married and have kids, Eileen and James Ray made a big move to a life their future kids and grandkids would be proud of. They returned to their roots in rural Tennessee to start a goat farm together. 

When Elaine’s grandmother had dry skin on her arms, she requested some goat’s milk soap. She fell in love immediately with its healing properties. The couple continued to make the goat milk soap in small batches, giving it away to loved ones. 

When Ray’s “day job” went out of business, the two were just left with one livelihood stream: their soap. So, they took sales online and to local farmers’ markets, and Little Seed Farm truly took off. 

Sustainability and ethics have played a huge role in everything Eileen and James do. In addition to using “Beyond Organic” standards with the goats and on the farm, they source non-GMO natural and organic ingredients and support ethical business partners worldwide. Thanks to an array of solar panels, they’re able to meet 100% of their electricity needs to produce their products and operate their business and farm.

Where is the Little Seed Farm?

Speaking of the farm, where is the Little Seed Farm? Lebanon, Tennessee is home to perhaps the only 100% grass-fed goat dairy in the United States—and it’s Little Seed Farm!

Humanely raised, the goats have outdoor access 365 days a year. They play a key role in what’s known as “intensive rotational grazing,” whereby they eat organically maintained pastures and give back every time they fertilize the land by going to the bathroom.

This not only contributes to healthy goats, but it also ensures that the pastures remain lush and healthy. In doing so, the pastures and woodlands are in a better position to sequester carbon dioxide (think: trap CO2 from the environment) so that it can contribute to soil health and pave the way for better biodiversity. 

Now let’s get to some of the products themselves. 

Meet the Soap and Skincare Products from Little Seed Farm

Goats are the real star of the show for Little Seed Farm. Their Farmstead Soap line of soap features goat’s milk blended with saponified organic oils, essential oils, and/or flower extracts. It contains 9 varieties, in addition to 3 beer soaps that are in partnership with a local brewery. 

The brand’s skincare line is just as special! It includes organic deodorant, goat’s milk facial moisturizer, lotion with goat’s milk, organic beard oil, and organic face serum—one with antioxidants and the other with vitamin E.They’re all made by hand with 100% organic oils and lots of active skin-supporting ingredients.

If you see that Little Seed Farm’s deodorant comes in a recyclable glass jar (instead of a tube), you may be wondering, what is deodorant cream? 

Deodorant cream is just like conventional deodorant, only it’s a softer, cream-based formula. It typically comes in a small glass jar or tub and can be applied with your fingers or an included wooden scoop stick. This may allow for better coverage than a tube of deodorant. 

Deodorant creams are similar to moisturizers, and they contain ingredients to support softer, healthier skin. In the case of Little Seed Farm deodorant, you won’t have to worry about irritating and toxic ingredients like baking soda, aluminum, parabens, and phthalates.

How long does Little Seed deodorant last? Once you apply Little Seed Farm’s deodorant, you’ll have 24 hours of freshness. Once the jar runs out, you can recycle the glass and aluminum lid, or save it to return a batch of the jars through Little Seed Farm’s Return & Reuse Program.

Is Little Seed Farm Vegan?

As Little Seed Farm uses humanely raised goats in many of their products, they are not certified vegan. However, many of the products are free of animal-based ingredients and their derivatives. As an added bonus, Little Seed Farm is Leaping Bunny Certified to be Cruelty Free! 

Plant Little Seed Farm into Your Personal Care Routine

This family owned business is definitely one worth supporting. Little Seed Farm has supported dozens of goats, acres of organically-grown pastures, and thousands of happy customers with products that they hand-make with love. We’re honored to feature the brand in our range of eco-friendly and sustainable skin care products and can’t wait until you try them!

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