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Fat and the Moon: Herbal Self-Care for Your True Being

Fat and the Moon: Herbal Self-Care for Your True Being

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With skincare plant potions as memorable as their name, Fat and the Moon has quickly become one of the top sustainable brands for skincare products. The herbalist-founded company works with a coven of plant medicine enthusiasts to turn organic and regeneratively-grown herbs and plant oils into magical products for the face, body, hair, and nights on the town. 

Let’s dive into Fat and the Moon a little deeper by answering some questions you may have about the brand. 

Fat and the Moon: Herbalist-Formulated Skincare

Fat and the Moon believes that “Self Care is Earth Care,” and they’re here to make it possible with handcrafted, herbal head-to-toe plant potions for all.

Founder Rachel Budde set out to create alternatives to chemical-filled products. Now, she has a coven of herbalists behind her, hand-crafting every order in their Nevada City, California studio.

Together, they create products for any self-love ritual—all while avoiding harmful chemicals and reuniting with herbs that have been treasured for millennia. The products are designed for all bodies and all genders and made with ingredients that come from local, Earth First farms. The “plant potions for your bod garden” include Adornment (cosmetics), and skincare products for the Face, Bath, Bod, Hair, Mama & Baby, and Magic (perfumes, scented balms, and sprays). 

Is Fat and the Moon Vegan?

The name of this eco-friendly skincare brand is a hint about some of the elements that make it into each bottle and tin. ‘Fat’ is a nod to all of the plant oils that serve as a medium for the brand’s herbal medicine. 

Lush plant oils have healing properties and when combined with herbs, serve as a nutrient-dense meal we feed sour skin. Dubbed “skin superfood,” one example is Fat and the Moon’s Organic Body Oil in Clary Sage.

While used in just a few products like their Adornments, Lotions, and Salves—and always sourced ethically in the USA—high quality beeswax is also used. While not all products are vegan, it’s easy to see which ones are because all ingredients are clearly listed on each product page. 

Is Fat and the Moon Cruelty-Free?

While the use of beeswax means that not all items are vegan, 100% of Fat and the Moon’s products are cruelty-free. Everything is made in house and the only testing that takes place is on the Fat and the Moon team and their family members! 

What is Fat and the Moon All Cream?

If you’ve still got creamy, skin-supporting oils on your mind, let’s dive into one of Fat and the Moon’s most popular products: the All Cream Face and Body Lotion.

A do-it-all skincare product, All Cream will have the skin on your face and body feeling silky smooth in no time. Totally natural, it does so without preservatives and stabilizers (meaning you might need to whip it up yourself before applying). 

All Cream is designed to be applied after a shower and before sleeping, so you can wake up feeling fresh-faced in the morning—and enjoy the light floral rosewater scent as you doze off. As a healing protective cream, this is one of the beeswax-containing (non-vegan) products from Fat and the Moon

Fat and the Moon’s Eco-Friendly Skincare

Since their ingredients are organic, ethically harvested, and “radically non toxic,”you might be wondering, is Fat and the Moon plastic free? The brand wants their cauldrons (packaging) to be just as eco-conscious as what goes in them. 

They have a very detailed Regenerative Guide that helps you determine whether to recycle the paper shaker on items like the Farewell Funk Foot Powder, reuse or recycle the glass jars the Organic Itch Mud comes in. Other packaging materials (sample pouches) can be composted and some things are designed to be reused (pumps, spray tops, and glass droppers). Even the shipping materials use recyclable and biodegradable tape! 

In addition to Earth-first packaging, Fat and the Moon also offsets the carbon footprint of their shipping by supporting projects that fight deforestation. They’re in the final stages of obtaining their Certified B Corp status. 

Over the Moon with Fat and the Moon

Between their organic herbal formulations and commitment to sustainability, is it any wonder why Fat and the Moon is one of our favorite sustainable skincare brands? Whether you try out the Fat and the Moon Deodorant Cream or treat yourself to some self-care with the pore-clearing Organic Pimple Mud Face Mask we hope you fall in love with this brand as much as we have.

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