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Dryer Wool Balls: Why and How to Use Them

Dryer Wool Balls: Why and How to Use Them

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Let’s take a load off our planet with laundry practices that are a little greener. Dryer wool balls are here to help with exactly that. If you have yet to toss a few of ‘em into your dryer, we’ll tell you why it’s good to do so and how exactly you can use them. 

What Exactly is a Dryer Wool Ball?

Wool dryer balls have been around for quite some time, but they’ve been (spin) cycling into more of our laundry loads in recent years. They serve as an eco-friendly alternative to liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets. Any time we can reduce the number of products we use, we’re supporting our planet. 

While they’re most commonly made with wool, you can also find those made with a blend of plastic and rubber. Because it’s the most natural option, this article will focus on wool dryer balls. 

How wool dryer balls work?

If you’ve ever unloaded a mountain of clothes from the washing machine, it’ll be easy for you to understand the benefits of dryer wool balls. See, when clothes are wet, they tend to clump together. In doing so, air flow is compromised and it’s more difficult for the heat to be evenly distributed.

Wool dryer balls prevent this from happening. When they bounce around the dryer, they help to separate the clothes so that warm air can circulate. In addition, the wool dryer balls also retain some of the heat that’s produced by the dryer. 

Benefits of using wool dryer balls

Together, these actions help to reduce static, keep clothes feeling softer, and speed up the drying process. Not only is this better for your energy bills, but it’s also better for our planet. 

Using more energy than a clothes washer, dishwasher, and even refrigerator, the average clothes dryer is quite the electricity hog. Fortunately, wool dryer balls can soften and fluff clothes as they reduce drying time by up to 40%. Cutting down drying time can help to reduce our household carbon footprint. 

Helping out in another way, this shorter time in the dryer is also better for our favorite clothes. A dryer is a significant contributor to the wear and tear that eventually renders our clothes unwearable. As an added bonus, they’ll also reduce static cling! 

However, to preserve our clothes and our planet, it's important that wool dryer balls are used properly. Here’s how to do just that. 

How to Use Dryer Wool Balls

Keep in mind, dryer balls work by moving freely to keep clothes separated. If there isn’t enough space for them to do so, it could minimize their effectiveness. That said, be sure to use your Friendsheep Dryer Balls with small, or medium-sized loads.

Now, you’re probably asking, how many dryer wool balls should I use? Making it easy for you, most wool dryer balls are sold in the amount that should be used. You’ll typically find a few options, either six smaller balls, four medium-sized ones, or three extra large ones. Any of these options should do the trick. 

To go above and beyond with your next load of laundry, we have a little secret for you. Combined with wool dryer balls, essential oil can transform the unscented balls into something that imparts a bit of your favorite fragrance! Just add a few drops of Organic Essential Oil to the dryer balls and your clothes, linens, or towels will come out smelling freshly scented. 

How Long Do Wool Dryer Balls Last in the Dryer?

Who would have thought something as simple as a wool ball could be so beneficial? As Friendsheep reminds us with their aptly named wool dryer ball collection, there is No Planet B. Tossing in a few of their wool dryer balls to every load is one of the easiest ways we can make a difference. Check out the rest of the Zero Waste Laundry collection from Green Eco Dream to turn one of your dreaded chores into something great for our planet.

Shop eco-friendly wool dryer balls and more sustainable laundry essentials and save 10% on your first order with us with the code: BLOG10.


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