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15 New Year's Resolutions - Zero Waste Edition

15 New Year's Resolutions - Zero Waste Edition

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Kick off the New Year right by kicking single-use plastics out of some of your daily routines. Ditching plastics is actually much easier than you think, and by filling your kitchen, bathroom, or office with some of these zero waste products, you’ll be well on your way to making a serious positive impact. 

15 Zero Waste Products to Try Right Now

1. Organic UnPaper Towels

Marley’s Monsters has put a sustainable spin on mess clean-up. They can help us UNpaper our lives and give up a paper towel addiction by switching to their reusable organic cotton towels! They’re perfect for wiping off countertops, glass surfaces, and more. Just toss them in the washer post-use and they’ll be good to go again. 

Designed to last a while, each pack of six towels can replace countless rolls of single-use paper towels. Once they can wipe no more, they can be safely composted. 

2. Unscented Dishwashing Powder

A great go-to brand for all types of zero waste essentials, Lovett Sundries also has a simple, sustainable option for dishes. Their powder contains a small list of easy-to-pronounce ingredients, and is free from toxins you probably wouldn’t want anywhere near your food. Even better, the powder comes in a reusable aluminum jar (no plastic here!).

3. Natural Sea Sponge

Well Kept will help you keep your skin feeling smooth, cleansed, and exfoliated. Their sea sponge is the sustainable shower buddy you never knew you needed! The sponges are sustainably harvested in Florida, allowing them to naturally regenerate. They’re 100% compostable, replace plastic loofahs, and are a perfect addition to a self-care gift—whether for yourself or a loved one!  

4. Shampoo Bar

Here to transform your hair routine, Habitat Botanicals shampoo and conditioner bars are packed with natural, biodegradable, vegan ingredients—many of which are sourced locally in Canada. Replacing unnecessary plastic bottles, the ingredient list doesn’t include water—because you add it yourself in the shower! The paper packaging is 100% compostable, making this a totally zero waste way to wash those luscious locks of yours. 

5. Stasher Bags

Zipper bags are undoubtedly handy—but they do absolutely zip, zilch, nada to help our planet. Fortunately, Stasher has developed a better alternative. Their reusable zipper bags are just what you need to store food, craft supplies, makeup, and other loose odds and ends. Without BPA or phthalates, they’re worry-free, too! They’re totally plastic-free and perfect for the freezer, microwave, dishwasher, and even oven. 

6. Organic Menstrual Day Pad

Ditch the disposables—and all the dangerous chemicals they contain—and switch to something better for Earth, and your body. These organic cotton day pads from GladRags do away with the need for plastic-based pads or tampons. They’re free of chemicals, feel much more comfortable, and are 100% compostable at the end of their life. 

7. Collapsible Straw Set

How often do you arrive at the cafe or restaurant—only to realize that you left your reusable straw at home?! For those of us who are planet-friendly, but forgetful, Green Eco Dream’s own collapsible straw set is a must-have. Made with silicone and aluminum and equipped with a keychain, it can come wherever you are. 

8. Sunscreen Butter

Making everything better, All Good has turned the plastic bottle of sunscreen into an aluminum tin filled with eco-friendly sunscreen. Their sunscreen butter is water resistant and provides broad-spectrum SPF 50+ protection. Packed with reef-friendly organic and natural ingredients, you can feel even better about a day at the beach. Be sure to reuse or recycle the aluminum tin to make it a 100% zero waste sunscreen option. 

9. Natural Toothpaste Tablets

Chewable toothpaste is one of the most eco-conscious ways to protect your teeth. Georganics has taken the cleaning power of cream of tartar, activated charcoal, and kaolin clay and pressed them into natural toothtablets. You can bite and brush your way to a better oral care routine. The tablets come in a reusable or recyclable glass jar—meaning plastic-free pearly whites!

10. Deodorant Cream 

With Sirius, you can say ‘goodbye’ to aluminum and ‘hello’ to under-arm charm! Their zero waste deodorant cream is packed with natural ingredients to help regulate body odor and sweat. Unlike conventional deodorant, the handmade deodorant cream is free of plastic and instead comes in a reusable or recyclable glass jar. 

11. Lip Tint

There’s nothing worse than lost lip gloss—especially when you know that that single-use plastic tube will end up polluting our environment. Providing a great alternative, Corvus Botanicals has an organic lip tint that provides healing nutrients for your pout—and does so in a planet-friendly way! Instead of plastic, the tubes are made from compostable paper. 

12. Multi-Use Cleanse+

It’s the best of both worlds: a zero waste product and a product that can be used in multiple ways. Jack Henry’s Cleanse+ is at once a hair, face, body, and hands cleaner—meaning one container, not four! It’s concentrated, yet gentle, and supports skin with healthy microbes and organic and plant-based ingredients. Supporting our planet, it also comes in a glass bottle with a plastic cup that are both reusable or recyclable. 

13. Refillable All-Purpose Home Cleaner

Meliora is a big name in the world of sustainable cleaning products. Their all-purpose home cleaner can include a glass bottle with a recyclable plastic spray nozzle, or you can simply purchase the natural home cleaner tablets to mix into your own bottle. Either way, you’ll get a sparkling clean home without the need for several different plastic bottles—and all the synthetic chemicals they contain.

14. Reusable Coffee Filter

Coffee Sock has made exactly that—a reusable, sock-like coffee filter! The handmade organic cotton filter ensures a crisper and richer flavor of brewed coffee, without the paper taste. Cared for properly (with a regular 10-minute boil), these filters can easily last a year or more. You may not be ready to quit caffeine, but you can definitely quit single-use coffee filters! 

15. Wound Warrior Balm

While sustainability isn’t often the first thought after an injury, a simple swap can help you reduce pain—and plastic use. Blue Heron Botanicals Wound Warrior Balm provides the healing powers of organic, vegan, and cruelty-free ingredients. It’s perfect for bruises, burns, insect bits, sprains, strains, abrasions, and fresh tattoos. Better yet, the balm comes in a fully home-compostable paper tube. 

Hope we inspired you to make your own New Year's resolution list and that you'll enjoy your sustainable journey. Wish you a Happy 2022! 🎅

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