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10 Eco-Friendly Hair Products for Healthy and Lush Hair

10 Eco-Friendly Hair Products for Healthy and Lush Hair

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There’s nothing like a good hair day—especially when it comes after using eco-friendly hair products. If you want to dip your toes (hair) into the world of sustainability, greener hair products are an excellent place to start. They don’t require you to change your routine, and can do a lot to save our planet. Let’s take a look at 10 of our favorite sustainable hair products! 

What Are Eco-Friendly Hair Products?

Before we dive into the best products for healthy hair and a healthy planet, let’s answer some common questions people have about sustainable hair products. 

What shampoo is environmentally friendly?

When looking for environmentally friendly shampoo, there are typically two things you want to keep in mind: packaging and ingredients. 

Zero waste shampoo is definitely the best option for our planet. It won’t compromise your lush locks, either! With this in mind, it’s good to look for shampoo with zero packaging (i.e. shampoo and conditioner bars), refillable packaging (infinitely-recyclable aluminum is better than plastic), or compostable packaging

What are the least toxic hair products?

As far as toxic ingredients go, these aren’t only bad for your hair—they’re also pretty terrible for the planet. 

You might be familiar with sulfates, as they’ve received a lot of attention in recent years.

If not, what are sulfates?

They’re the surfactants (detergents) used in personal care products to bind to dirt and impurities and remove them. SLS and SLES are two of the most common. They’re found in many shampoos and conditioners and associated with dry and itchy skin, inflammation, and even intestinal pain and diarrhea. 

They’re also fossil fuel-derived, contribute to particulate matter (PM2.5) pollution, and have been linked with the release of human carcinogen and environmental contaminant, 1,4-dioxane.

And that’s just one of the more than 14 chemicals to avoid in shampoo! Get well-versed on these so you can support your magnificent mane and keep our planet healthy and thriving. 

10 Eco-Friendly Hair Products for Healthy and Lush Hair

Shampoo isn’t the only hair product that’s received an environmentally-friendly upgrade in recent years. Now, it’s easy to fill your bathroom with a range of products that are better for you and better for Earth. 

1. Shampoo and conditioner bar 

Zero waste shampoo and conditioner bars are like the poster children for a more sustainable hair future. They pack a mighty punch in terms of hair-supporting ingredients, but leave out one totally unnecessary one: water! 

Because Long WKND, Corvus Botanicals, and HiBAR recognize that you’ll add your own water in the shower (duh), there’s no need for them to include it—therefore, no need for a wasteful plastic bottle.

PRO TIP: Be sure to use a bamboo soap dish to keep the shampoo bar in tip-top condition without making a mess in your shower. 

2. Compostable shampoo and conditioner


As another green take on packaging, Seed Phytonutrients’ Shampoo & Conditioner Set comes packaged in a recyclable interior and 100% compostable paper exterior—which significantly cuts down on the amount of plastic used. 

Hidden between the two is a plantable seed packet! 

What’s contained in the bottles is just as eco-friendly: lots of sulfate-free, paraben-free, and plant-based ingredients. 

3. Refillable shampoo and conditioner

The Plaine Products Shampoo and Conditioner Set truly revolutionized hair care. Why? Because it was one of the first to introduce refills for our essential hair products. 

The aluminum bottles (which are packed with mostly organic, and totally eco-friendly ingredients, BTW) can be sent back to be refilled and reused!

4. Plastic-free hair texturizer

For ocean-tousled hair in the middle of winter, Earth Harbor can save the day with their Beach Waves Ocean Hair Texturizer

A fresh mango scent will transport you to a seaside cabana—even from your office cubicle! The ocean-inspired texturizer goes above and beyond by helping with dullness, flat hair, oil build up, and even pollution damage. 

The glass spray bottle is recyclable, too. 

5. Low-waste hair elixir

Earth Harbor’s Sunstone Hair Revive Elixir is one of the best eco-friendly hair products for anyone in need of some reviving.

Think of it as a superfood for your scalp. The recyclable glass bottle is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients that help to get rid of dryness, dullness, and damage. The ingredients are PETA and Leaping Bunny certified to be vegan and cruelty-free—and 91% of them are organic!

Earth Harbor is a Plastic Negative company that makes their products in a solar powered facility in Utah. 

6. Bamboo hair brush

Thanks to our Bamboo Hair Brush, you can detangle your hair without getting our planet tied up in knots. 

Not only will it feel smooth and gentle as the bristles run through your hair, but it will also reduce frizz, improve shine, and provide an all-around boost to scalp and hair health. 

Since the handle is bamboo and the bristles are made from natural rubber, the brush can be composted once it reaches the end of its life. 

7. Organic hair ties, headbands, and scrunchies

Plastic (fossil fuel-based) hair ties and other accessories may help with your daily styling needs, but they aren’t a good look for our planet. Fortunately, they’re not even necessary though! 

The Kooshoo Hair Bundle comes with plastic-free scrunchies, hair ties, and a headband. They’re made with GOTS certified organic cotton and natural rubber. Ethically made in certified Indian facilities, they’re Fair Trade, too! 

You can feel great while wearing them and because they’re biodegradable, accidentally losing one won’t be that bad either. 

8. Recyclable leave-in treatment

Ditching toxic ingredients and replacing them with deeply moisturizing plant and botanical ingredients, Seed Phytonutrients’ Leave-In Treatment is here to save the hair day. 

It’s vegan, non-GMO, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, silicone-free, palm oil-free, color safe, and totally biodegradable. 

Not only can the aluminum bottle be reused or recycled, but Seed Phytonutrients will even accept the plastic pumps to be responsibly recycled (for free). Even the outer packaging is made with plantable seed paper! 

9. Reusable hair paste

Jack Henry is one of the biggest names in men’s sustainable hair care and the brand’s Hair Paste is no exception.

It’s packed with organic ingredients, potent phytonutrients, and other healthy hair vitamins. Together, this powerhouse of ingredients holds hair, provides texture, and supports the growth of thick, healthy locks. 

Because it comes in a glass jar with a recyclable lid, you can either toss the packaging in the blue bin once it's empty, or reuse it to store odds and ends. 

10. Natural dry shampoo

While zero waste shampoo bars are simple and sustainable, sometimes we need a quick hair solution for on-the-go use. That’s where the Dry Shampoo from Lovett Sundries comes in. 

Featuring an unscented blend of arrowroot powder and bentonite clay, the dry shampoo freshens up hair and helps you go longer between washes (saving our planet by minimizing water and energy use).

The bottle is made of glass and comes with a 100% aluminum cap—both of which are recyclable. 

Shair the Good News

Good hair days don’t have to be hard to come by—and they can be achieved without excessively tousling our planet. Thanks to Green Eco Dream’s eco-friendly hair products collection, you’re sure to get compliments on your magnificent mane. When you do, be sure to point friends and family in the direction of this article.

To help you with the transition to a more eco-friendly hair care we are giving you 10% OFF on your first order. Simply use code BLOG10 at checkout and enjoy your new low waste hair routine!


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