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10 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Christmas

10 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Christmas

Posted by Snow on

December 25 is right around the corner, making now the perfect time to start considering your holiday season gifts. The next couple of months should be more about sweet treats and special memories with friends and family—not gift-related stress! That’s why we want to give you a head start with your present purchases. We’ve come up with 10 eco-friendly gifts for Christmas that are sure to put a smile on any recipient’s face. 

What to Consider When Shopping for the Holidays

As you may have remembered from our blog about how to reduce waste this Thanksgiving, the holiday period is associated with nearly as much waste as it is cheer. Between wrapping paper and weird, unwanted presents, the holidays put additional stress on our planet. In 2020, 13% of gifts purchased during the holiday season were returned—oftentimes being transported overseas or ending up in landfills. 

Here’s what to do to make your giving a little greener:

  • Consider what the recipient wants and needs. Do they already have it? Can you see them using it?
  • Think about the multiple recipients of the gift. Sure, only one person will unwrap the present, but are there others supported by it—maybe animals who lived better lives or artisans who were supported with fair trade conditions to produce the gift? What about our planet, how will it be impacted by the purchase?
  • Think about how gift-giving can lead to something greater. As many of us become more aware of the impact of our choices, we often want to make a change, but don’t know where to start! Consider jumpstarting a zero waste journey for a friend or family member through a conscious Christmas gift that helps them realize that small swaps can have a big impact.

10 Eco-Friendly Gifts for Christmas

*Eco-Friendly Gifts Under $30*

1. Reusable Unpaper Towels from Marley’s Monsters

Americans are notorious paper towel-users. We spend nearly as much as every other country in the world combined on the cleaning tool, using enough annually to wrap around the globe 40 times

Help urge a loved one to make the switch to reusable, fun-colored cotton towels. They work just like regular paper towels, but can be washed and reused. They’d make a great, affordable stocking stuffer!

2. Jade Gemstone Gua Sha + Massaging Comb from Earth Harbor

This ancient tool, used in traditional Chinese medicine, has made a recent resurgence. Now, there isn’t a beauty expert, skincare specialist, or Instagram influencer who isn’t excited about the benefits of using a gua sha to sculpt skin. Perfect for the whole family, this ethical, 100% pure Grade-A jade massaging tool helps to promote circulation and reduce muscle tension. 

When unwrapped, this self-care tool can remind a loved one to take some time for themselves.  

3. Shampoo & Conditioner Set from HiBAR

As most shampoo and conditioner is made up of mostly water, it requires plastic to store it. The impact of this is huge—as Americans go through more than 552 million shampoo bottles annually! Not only is this extremely pollutive, but it’s also pointless. 

We add water to the shampoo in the bath or shower, meaning that a shampoo and conditioner bar are perfect for luscious locks and much less waste. And, with these sets from HiBAR, you can also cater to specific hair needs: Maintain, Moisturize, Volumize, Soothe, and Fragrance Free.

4. Aluminum-Free Deodorant from Jack Henry

When you slip a deodorant into a stocking or under the tree, be sure to let your loved one know that you’re not suggesting a possible B.O. problem, you simply want him to live a healthier, safer life! For more than a decade, there has been a lot of evidence to suggest a link between aluminum found in antiperspirants and health conditions like cancer.

As an alternative, non-toxic deodorant made with plant botanicals and bentonite clay work to keep pits smelling and feeling fresh, and because it comes in a recycled plastic tube, our planet will feel cleaner, too. 

*Eco-Friendly Gifts under $70*

5. 7-Piece Skincare Sample Kit from Activist Skincare

Give your loved one the gift of being able to try out a new skincare routine before committing to it. This kit’s 3 cleansers, 1 toning mist, 2 serums, and 1 face oil are all made with sustainably-sourced, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients to cleanse, mist, hydrate, and protect. Everything comes in refillable glass bottles and aluminum containers, too! 

6. Snow’s Starter Kit from Green Eco Dream

Green Eco Dream Founder, Snow, has put together some of her favorite products that can help anyone on their zero-waste journey. As one of the best zero waste kits, it’s got it all—a stainless steel water bottle, reusable stainless steel straw, stainless steel lunch box, bamboo cutlery, and a Stasher silicone snack bag. Lunch time, snack time, or simply being on the go will be much greener with this eco-friendly kit! 

*Eco-Friendly Gifts $70+*

7. Glowing Set from UpCircle Beauty

The holiday season is the perfect time to glow, and with this kit from UpCircle Beauty, your loved one can support their skin, sustainably! 

The kit features a cleansing face balm, face toner, face moisturizer, and reusable organic cotton makeup remover cloths. The ingredients are mostly organic and all COSMOS approved, vegan, and cruelty-free. No palm oil, SLS, parabens, sulfates, or parfum either! 

8. Oral Care Kit - Family Pack from Green Eco Dream

We’ve made it easier to give your family the gift of a healthy smile and a cleaner oral care routine. The set has everything needed for whiter teeth, fresher breath, and no plaque—all while making the everyday activity more environmentally-friendly. 

With a four-pack of Davids Natural Toothpaste, all flavor preferences will be catered to. Combined with four bamboo toothbrushes, two packs of natural silk dental floss, and a toothbrush holder, the recipients will be brushing their way to a better future and brighter smile!

*Eco-Conscious Gift Sets*

9. Eye Duo - Mascara & Eyeline Pencil in Black from Elate Cosmetics

Help someone’s eyes POP in a planet-friendly way with this kit from Elate Cosmetics. Featuring the cleanest, safest vegan and cruelty-free ingredients and eco-conscious packaging, Elate helps to remind us that we don’t need harsh chemicals, fillers, or excessive plastic packaging to look and feel our best. 

10. Chef’s Baking Set from Full Circle Home

You might have to encourage early opening of this one, because there’s nothing that says the holidays like shared meals and delicious baked goods! The Gordon Ramsay in your life will love the organic cotton apron, oven mitt, dish towel, trivet, and sustainable parchment paper that’s free of dangerous dioxin-producing chlorine bleach. 

We commend you for your conscious gifting this Holiday Season! Thanks for doing your part to encourage unwrapping for a more sustainable planet and better future!


Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! 🎅🏽🎄🐻‍❄️


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